Comprehensive Guide on How to Remove Kitchen Sink

There are many reasons why you will want to remove your kitchen sink. Sometimes the sink can begin to leak, rust, or even get old. To remove a sink is very simple, and you will not necessarily need to call a plumber. This is a job that you can do it yourself. To remove a sink without damaging a thing in your kitchen, you require a comprehensive guide. Here is the best guide on how to remove the kitchen sink. Read through and you will know the tools needed and how easy it is to detach the sink. You do not need to spend more on a plumber when you can fix it yourself.

Types of kitchen sink mounting

There two main ways in which a kitchen sink can be mounted. It is important to know these mounting types for you to safely remove the sink. They are:

Undermount sink

This type of sink is installed under the counter and hence its name. Once it is installed, it leaves a seamless look from the working top to the sink. normally, it is fixed using glue that attaches it to the underside part of the counter. When removing this kind of sink, you need to have someone to hold it down when it is detached.

Top mount kitchen sink

This kind of sink mounting leaves a rim around once it is dropped inside the counter. This type is easy to install. It can be reinforced by using silicon and glue to hold onto the top. Removing this sink is very simple.

What are the tools that you need?

You will need the following tools to use when disconnecting and removing the sink.

  • Screwdriver
  • Tongue -and -groove pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Buckets to hold water.
  • Pliers
  • 16-inch tongue and groove pliers
  • Steel putty knife to remove the silicon layer and glue.
  • Heavy work gloves to protect your hands.
  • Pipe wrench
  • Penetrating oil spray to lubricate the nuts while unscrewing them.

Two main steps to unmount a sink

  1. First, you need to disconnect the sink
  2. Then remove your sink.

How to disconnect your sink

Before you can remove the sink, remember it is connected to draining pipes and countertops. So, you need to disconnect it first before removing it. To remove the kitchen sink without wrecking countertops and the underneath cabinets, you need to be very careful when disconnecting. Here is how you should do it:

  • Access the type of sink that you have

There are two main types of kitchen sinks. They are:

Under-mounted types and drop-ins’ type. Before removing the sink, ensure that you are aware of the type of your kitchen sink.

  • Open cabinets below the sink

You should empty the cabinet underneath your sink. This cabinet is the area where you will be working on. Ensure that it is clear to give you free access to the sink. If you need to remove the cabinet beneath, read here to know how to remove the kitchen sink cabinet.

  • Put on your gloves

Now, put on your protective gear before proceeding to protect your hands from cuts and dirt.

  • Position a bucket below

Now ensure that you place a bucket below the supply lines to collect any dripping water. Collecting any dripping water will help to prevent damage to your cabinets.  

  • Turn off the water supply

Below the sink, you will notice two knobs. There is one for hot water and the other for cold water. Now ensure that you turn both valves clockwise until you ensure that they are fully closed. You can check that turning on the tap, if there is any water, still turns till it is fully closed.

  • Disconnect the garbage collection and dishwasher

If you have a garbage collection connect or a dishwasher, ensure that you disconnect them safely before proceeding.

  • Disconnect faucet’s water supply

Simple pipes are used to supply water to the faucet from the main pipe. Nuts connect these faucet pipes to the main pipes. So, you will need a tool to safely unscrew the nuts off. To do this, you can either use the wrench, channel locks to open them up in an anticlockwise manner. If the nuts are hard, use penetrating oil while unscrewing the nuts to ease the opening. While disconnecting, some water remaining in the pipes may spill, so ensure you have a basin and some towels. And this is how to remove kitchen sink faucet.

  • Disconnect the draining pipe underneath the sink

The last disconnection to make is the draining pipe that is located beneath the sink. this draining pipe is made of plastic mostly. Slip nuts connect this drainer with the sink. Now use the adjustable wrench to loosen these nuts. Then disconnect the plastic nut by hand that connects the strainer to the drainer. Proceed to loosen the slip on the J- shaped trap pipe. While opening this trap pipe, ensure that you have a bucket since water is trapped inside. And this is simply how to remove kitchen sink drain.

How to remove the sink

Once you have disconnected all the connections to the sink, the next thing to do is the actual sink removal process. You need to follow the steps below to carefully remove it.

  • Cut through the sealant around the sink

To cut through, you need to use a steel putty knife. Place the knife between the sink lip and the countertop holding it. Slide the knife all through the edges.  

  • Detach it from the countertop

You need to know the type of sink to ease the detaching step. This is how to remove undermount kitchen sink, ensure that you have someoneor something to hold the sink when it gets detached. For the top-mounted, unscrew off the nuts or remove the clips holding it carefully. This way, you will have detached your sink from the countertop.

  • Push the sink from underneath gently to loosen it

For the top-mounted sink, push gently from below to loosen it for ease of removing. For the undermount kitchen sink, push it downwards gently, and it will loosen.

  • Pull the sink out

Once it is loose, simply pull it off gently to avoid wrecking the countertop.

And this is how simple it is to remove a sink in your kitchen.

  • Clean up

The surface where the sink sat is normally dirty. After pulling off the sink, ensure that you clean the area before replacing it with a new sink. Simply remove the putty remains and carefully scrape with a non-scouring pad and some detergents to kill germs. Once it is clean and dry, you can now install a new sink.

How do you remove kitchen sink mounting clips?

Use a screwdriver or a wrench to back off each clip until it swings out completely.

How do you remove a sink faucet?

Use your hand to lift the faucet. If it is hard, use a plastic putty knife to lose it and then lift it out.

How do you remove a kitchen sink from granite?

Use two large flathead screwdrivers to slide between the countertop and the rim. Now lift the sink using the screwdrivers as handles from both sides. As you pull up, the sink will simply detach gradually from the countertop.

How do I get silicone off my sink?

Scrape the silicone layer using a putty knife or a normal knife. Put the knife in between the silicon and the countertop to avoid leaving scratches on the countertop. Once you have a silicon piece, then pill off using your hands to avoid scratching the sink with the knife. Scrap lightly with the knife to ensure that all the pieces are off.

Things to note

  • While detaching the valves, ensure that you have turned off the main water supply.
  • Ensure that you have a bucket to collect dripping water and some towels.
  • While scraping off the glue and silicon, ensure that your putty knife does not scratch the sink or the countertop.
  • Ensure that you have gloves to protect your hands from cuts and dirt.
  • Ensure that you disconnect all the plumbing work before removing the sink.
  • Drain the faucet and the sprayer completely to prevent any leakage while disconnecting the pipes.
  • Follow the steps accordingly to avoid messes in your kitchen.
  • Dispose of well the old sink once you remove it.


Is your kitchen sink old or rusted, and you need to remove it? Removing a kitchen sink may seem hard, but indeed it is not. All you need to know is what type of sink you have. You also need to know the attachments made to your sink.

By following the above simple procedures of detaching and removing the kitchen, you can now do it yourself. Ensure you follow the steps well, and you will complete your task within no time.

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