Vitamix 6500 Review-Strongly Recommended for buying

VITAMIX is a household name in the blending industry for the exact reasons: if you like VITAMIX 6300, VITAMIX 6500 is an improved version. It has powerful features and is short enough to be placed under the kitchen cabinet.

The VITAMIX 6500 comes with attractive specifications that make life easier and faster for everyone. This is the opposite of the previous model, which lacks the great power required in the blender. I am so tired of changing blenders that I believe I am now an expert at buying blenders.

Most of them cannot be used after sufficient use. I stopped using it long before that point. Others don’t give me the perfect match, and even others miss out at the right time. They are not good competition. Most people lose money.

If you buy a blender or want to change the existing one, the VITAMIX 6500 review will answer.

Vitamix 6500 Review

Why use VITAMIX 6500?

Characteristic of VITAMIX 6500

Blender’s dimensions

This blender has measurements of 7.25×17.25 × 8.75 inches and tips the scales at 11.95 lbs. The weight comes for the most part from its engine which is very solid and ground-breaking, making it durable and efficient


 The VITAMIX 6500’s packaging consists of a motor base, which is a 64-ounce low profile drum, low profile container, cookbook, silicon cover, also a quick guide on how to start and lid.


This blender offers more than one function. It allows you to have options and space in the kitchen cupboard. Imagine having a blender that provides desserts, hot soups, and sweet potatoes easily and conveniently! It is the VITAMIX 6500.

Quality and Durability

  If you want to buy a long-lasting product, look no further. It’s design and construction meet high standards. Let’s talk about hardware, durable plastic, and unbreakable packaging. What more do you want?

 This blender is guaranteed to last a very long time as it comes with a combination of metal and plastic domes. The blender has resistant plastic and is anti-shrink.

Exceptional Power

 What more can you ask for in a blender if it can’t mix your batter the way you want it without interruption. This blender here proves to be one; users marvel at its power. Mix nuts properly, let your batter soften.


​​ VITAMIX 6500 also comes with a variable speed feature. This feature helps you choose how the melody of your mix is ​​played. You have primary control over your folders during mixing. The wrist switch also helps adjust the consistency of the ingredients you mix.

Ease of use 

This VITAMIX 6500 review offers the best option for your daily life. It is a significant need for your kitchen cabinet. He doesn’t need a professional touch to deal with, and he’s not a hard nut to crack. Its functions are boldly written and easy to understand.

There is no resistance during use

All you have to do is add the ingredients. You can control or select a predefined button while viewing or performing other tasks.

Pre-programmed settings

  • This blender has three pre-programmed settings. These settings combine your ingredients with the desired taste while you are busy with other things.
  • Frozen Dessert – This preset allows you to cook desserts. In a spacious container, there is enough space for ice cream.
  • Smoothies – Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle, but can’t you spend a minute on work? You do not want to miss this blender. The preset helps you prepare healthy rhythms, mixing everything, leaving you with a great taste. It is easy to use and very convenient for busy people.
  • A set of hot VITAMIX Mix soups – ready-made vegetables are not excluded, as their blades can evenly cut vegetables. It does everything from soft peeling to thick parsley.


  • Another advantage of this equipment is its large container, which allows large portions of ingredients. Thanks to the size of the container, you can also sit down and see what’s going on, stimulate your appetite, perform other tasks in the kitchen, and drank three glasses of juice. The wide, flat base allows food to mix without sticking to the blades. This removed the worry that tea towels would be hidden under the leaves

Advantages and disadvantages of VITAMIX 6500

  • This blender, with all its glory and best features, still has its flaws. Nothing is perfect, even if it is almost perfect. A side effect of a power mechanism is that it makes noise. The engine is quite loud and loud, as some customers claim
  • This blender it’s easy to clean, but it can be damaged when used in the dish. The VITAMIX 6500 has been touted as powerful, durable, and very easy to use, making it the new best friend.
  • The low container of this blender is an excellent option that facilitates storage; this is perfectly acceptable for those who have little or no cabinet space.
  • Despite the weight, this is useful because customers are very happy to be able to consume more than one serving of food or ingredients. Aviation-hardened blades provide the perfect blend of ingredients.
  • This was a product developed by the VITAMIX 6300, with no differences other than containers and the optional functional speed control. Unfortunately, nothing was done with the engine noise. Vitamin products can be considered the best in the game for home and commercial use.

Still Good For Use

  • For those who like homemade nut bars, this blender is a complete mood. You can do anything! It’s such an incredible product. You can mix your nuts and save for the family.
  • Another good advantage of this product, although not functional, is the choice of color.
  • There are three different colors to choose from, and each is beautiful in its way. This is just an additional specification for those who are especially interested in the color of their device.


  • It comes with a free cookbook
  • Saves storage space
  • Serves several people
  • Has a special collar that prevents bumps on the blade
  • High-quality blends
  • It has functions defined by words
  • Easy cleaning


  • Cunning when mixing
  • It’s complicated
  • Some customers have complained about the black specifications after reuse
  • It is expensive
  • It is heavy

Why this blender highly recommended?

  • Finally, innovation comes when it comes to mixers. The new features of the mixers produced are now human and stress-free. It is a welcome development as people continue to find ways to reduce workload and human stress.
  • Vitamin 6500 is an example of the human step towards stress reduction. It is versatile, easy to use, reliable, and powerful. The duration of this product also helps to avoid and reduce expenses.
  • VITAMIX 6500 it’s the best and highly recommended blender for commercial use and home due to its durable qualities and fast. Additionally, it entails a cooling fan that prevents overheating, which means that, regardless of the number of mixes, the engine never stops.
  • You can’t forget its low container that allows you to mix several servings. This does not yet affect the quality of the mixed ingredients, as its flat bottom allows easy rotation of the blades.

Best For Use Vitamix 6500

  • The specifications found after a long period of use are, however, causal concerns. Customer analysis has shown that this blender is a product that serves everything. Every user seems to be concerned about the technology called VITAMIX 6500.
  • According to VITAMIX 6500 review by some users, is quite convenient, and the love for the wide, flat container has no limits. It is said that the engine is capable of mixing highly resistant ingredients into larger pieces, which is an excellent and complex function.

What users say about VITAMIX 6500!

People who use VITAMIX 6500 tend to like it a lot; people like pre-programmed settings that make using the blender a little easier and more straightforward.

The blender and the cold waste blender quickly use the best features of the blender.

And of course, we hear a lot of people who like versatility. Many users are unfamiliar with the blender, which can make ice cream and soups.

Which is the best blender in the market: VITAMIX 6500 or 7500?

  • People are happy with the blender. With a maximum power of 2.2 horsepower, with the ability to combine agitation and easy operation, the VITAMIX 7500 and 6500 can connect their blender with other blenders for the same price.
  • However, if we need to choose one, we will have to use the VITAMIX 6500, while the two devices are similar. The 6500 has three mixed configurations and is generally cheaper than $ 7500 for about $ 50.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to use VITAMIX blenders for juice?

ANSWER: Blind people and juices take out foods from vegetables and fruits in a variety of ways. The grinders pull out the pulp for finer stability, while the blender is included, and results in stability common to sweet potatoes. However, the power of the VITAMIX blender can stabilize a drink-like beverage.

Is this blender noisy?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, most mixers are noisy, and this machine contains a lot of water. It is a noisy blender. But the loud sound is a reminder of how powerful it is!

Can the VITAMIX 6500 grind coffee?

ANSWER: Yes. If you want to grind fresh coffee beans, VITAMIX may be the best blender for you. Can grind coffee beans in 10 seconds.


VITAMIX 6500 is a great technological advancement and investment. You want to live a healthy life. But are you too busy? It is an unbelievable way to save time and have healthy dessert or soup ingredients. Fast, reliable, powerful, and durable. Indeed it is a product that you should not miss.

Use at home for people with large families. It can also be used in restaurants, showers, and other places that you think are appropriate to use a blender. In this review of the VITAMIX 6500, we specify the details of this blender, which is enough to help you make the right choice when you buy a blender.

If you want to live a healthy life, it is impossible to do so without the most powerful blender in the industry. Do you want peace or not? This blender comes with a seven-year warranty that can be extended to ten years. If this is not reliable and is worth the investment, I do not know what it is. Get yours now, and you’ll never regret it.

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