Best Bushcraft Knives Under $100

A camper can never deny the importance of a quality knife to survive in the wild. It helps to perform many essential acts like surviving, cooking, crafting, hunting, etc.

But a good knife on a tight budget is not so easy to find. People can barely identify the best bushcraft knives under $100 among so many useless options in the same price range.

Best Bushcraft Knives Under $100

For this, we are trying to sum up our whole camping experience with different types of survival knives and point out the ten best knives that come under 100 bucks. Today, you get to know about those ten best options and some necessary criteria you need to know.

There are three basic things you must know or determine before going out to find a precise bushcraft knife. While showing you our top ten list, we think the considerations should be highlighted first.

Blade Length

For outdoor trips, large knives might cause you some trouble. Smaller ones do well while cutting wood, slicing food, making fire, surviving, etc. 

According to the experts, the length of an outdoor knife should be around 4 to 6 inches. But in some cases, you might demand even 3-inch knives, which is also not wrong at all.

Full Tang or Half Tang

Both types work well on trips far from home. Usually, full tang blades work firmly and let you do some bulk cutting, while half tang might not be that much firmer, but they can be moved faster because of being lightweight. 

So, our advice is to have a half tang if you want to work faster. But full tang knives are best for you when you need something stronger for your jobs.

Folding or Fixed

People always look for the best fixed blade knife under 100 USD for camping and hunting. It is because fixed blade knives under a tight budget can be found quite easily. 

But these days, many manufacturers are featuring folding knives under such a price range. So, the decision is up to you for choosing the right type of knife.

Top 10 Best Budget Outdoor Knives

Honestly speaking, there are some knives that many professional campers claim to be perfect. In past years, we have also tested tons of models and found only ten to review as the best options available such as Ka-Bar BK2, Schrade HCSF36, etc. 

Here those reviews that can help you know which one to pick on your next outdoor trip. You can decide by judging each of their features and drawbacks pointer in the review section.

Ka-Bar Becker BK2

Carrying a small bushcraft knife while camping in jungles is a must for all travelers. It must be capable of performing all types of skinning, chopping, and cutting as well. If you want a bushcraft knife under 100 that can take care of these jobs easily then BK2 Companion can be the best choice.

So, let’s check out some features of this knife which will make your purchase worthier and satisfying every time.

Multitasking Capability

KA-BAR BK2 can ensure you the best cutting experience in all fields. No matter if you chop veggies or meat for your meal, skin animal while the competition, cutting woods while camping, the BK2 can flawlessly perform as a multitasker. Besides, it is one of the best bushcraft knives under 100 bucks that comes with a sharp and sturdy Drop point Blade Shape to give a user-friendly experience.

Sturdy Blade and Handle

The thumb placing grip on the handle gives maximum cutting power with a minimum pressure at the tip of the blade. The slopped blade holds firmly on the cutting spot and gives a safe result every time. The sturdy handle comes with a nylon sheath covering making BK2 scratch-proof. A comfortable and secured grip makes it more convenient while using.

Easily Portable and Handy

The compact size of the KA-BK2 makes it handier and can be carried easily. The minimum storage space requirement along with a hanging hole on the back of the handle makes it easier to use and store at any place.


  • The slopped blade gives maximum pressure at the tip resulting in flawless cutting
  • Thumb grip and nylon sheath give a secured grip and make it scratch-proof
  • It can be easily portable since the compact size makes it handier and user-friendly


  • The thick covering on the handle may cause sweating.

Morakniv Carbon

The Morakniv Carbon knife is known as the best-fixed blade knife under 100 for its unique fire starter feature. The Carbon finishing on the blade and handle makes it more durable and stronger compared to other knives. We have summed up some more interesting features of the Morakniv Knife which can ensure you a worthy purchase:

Unique Blade and Handle

The carbon-coated steel blade comes with a black coating which makes it more attractive. The double-layered covering ensures a corrosion-free and easily washable knife. A curved and coated sturdy handle fits perfectly in the palms for easy gripping and can cut through everything whether your hands are dry, wet, or even cold.

Thin Cutting

The steel blade of the Morakniv gives easy access to cut through woods. Even if the cutting surface is thin, this knife ensures a flawless cutting experience due to its strong cutting tip and thin bade edges. Besides, the fixed blade on the grind comes with a pointed surface at the ending allows practical service precisely.

Unbeatable Performance

The Morakniv knife is the best bushcraft knife under $100 since it can be used in all types of cutting without failure. Carving of woods, starting a fire, or cutting through your grilled steak, Morakniv can ensure all these works perfectly. The long-lasting durability and anti-corrosive coating give satisfactory results every time.


  • Carbon black coating makes the blade attractive and corrosion-free
  • Curved handle with thick covering ensures secured grip in every condition
  • Can ignite a fire with a fire starter easily


  • The tip of the knife gets slippery as soon as the rubber starts to decay

Fallkniven F1 

If you are looking for a budget bushcraft knife for daily use, then Fallkniven F1 can be the best option. This small and light-weighted knife cuts through everything like butter. A sturdy handle with a perfect grip mechanism made this product one of the best knives under 100. Some more interesting features of this knife can give you the best cutting experience.

Flawless Cutting

The sharp and Drop Point Blade technology of the F1 knife can exert maximum power at the tip of the blade. When it comes to cutting woods or veggies, Fallkniven can make your daily tasks easier and comfortable. The coated VG-10 stainless covering increases the durability of the F1 and makes it easier for the users to wash easily.

Simple Work Mechanism

The compact size of the blade along with a hanging hole at the back of the handle makes it convenient to store anywhere you like. Whether you go camping or picnic outdoors, the F1 can be your daily companion since the portability is very simple.

Thermal Handle Technology

The sturdy handle at the back of the F1 knife comes with advanced Thermo-run technology. This feature eliminates sweating at the palm of your hands while using for a long time. The checkered black rubber coating on the handle ensures a secured grip and avoids slipping. So, it ensures convenience to use under any condition.


  • Thermo-run Technology eliminates comfortable and sweat-free working
  • The stainless coating on the Drop Point Blade gives higher durability
  • This product can be easily carried and washed.


  • Chipping on the blade appears after frequent use

 Condor Walnut Handle Bushlore

If you are looking for an authentic and vintage collection among your hunting tools, then Condor Walnut can be your best choice. The classical look and user-friendly functional feature made Condor one of the best bushcraft knives under $100. For your easy purchase, we have come with its unique features below.

Aggressive Style

The Condor knife comes with a wooden handle to give you an authentic and aggressive hunter appearance while using. The vintage style of the knife along with a sharp bend at the top of the blade makes it easier for you to cut through anything flawlessly. Apart from this, the Condor knife can be used for all types of purposes making it more suitable and user-friendly.

Higher Durability

This best hunting knife under 100 can ensure long-lasting performance without any failure. The sharp stainless coated blade along with supreme quality wooden handle not only gives you well-balanced but also increases durability. Cutting woods, skinning animals, or hunting can be done perfectly with Condor. Besides, the light-weight and firm joint of the blade makes it more convenient to use.

Quality Materials

The quality materials used in this knife ensure full control and higher performance. The wooden handle and 100% leather coating make the knife scratch-proof and don’t break or crack when falls. The Carbon Steel used blade makes it easier for the users to wash with water since the blade is corrosion-free.


  • The wooden sturdy handle gives you a strong hold while cutting
  • The high-quality material ensures longer durability
  • Carbon-coated stainless steel eliminates corrosion or dust on the blade


  • The blade needs to be sharpened frequently

Benchmade-Bushcrafter 162

This knife comes with an elegant design and color that makes your tool collection more enhancing. A strong coating on the handle and blade makes it corrosion-free and eliminates sticky texture when water comes in contact. Let’s check out some more features which made Benchmade the best hunting knife under 100.  

Supreme Versatility

The Benchmade knife comes with a unique handle gripper. The D-lock system on the handle makes the knife more versatile while using and gives the users a well-balanced feature. Whether you use it with dry or wet hands, the handle will give a proper grip every time and results in precise cutting.

Protective Coating

This product can be the best survival knife under 100 since it comes with a protective coating on the handle and blade as well. The G10 coating of the handle makes it free from any stickiness or dust particles. The blade made of S30V Steel ensures an effective drop-point and quick cutting mechanism by eliminating all types of corrosion.


  • Leather sheath and D-rings give easy access to the knife
  • The sharp-edged tip ensures precise cutting every time
  • The resin-soaked coating on the handle makes it easier for the user to get a safe grip


  • The tip bends sometimes if too much pressure is exerted on the knife

Schrade SCHF36 Frontier 

The Schrade Frontier knife comes with a stylish handle coating and stainless blade. The multitasking cutting jobs can be done flawlessly with a comfortable and balanced swing every time. The strong grind joint and matte color of the blade gives an elegant look.

Multitasking Dimension

Whether it comes to chopping, cutting, or skinning any soft or hard object, the Schrade Frontier will work precisely. The sharp blade and flawless body shape can make your regular works much easier and comfortable. This knife will ensure a supreme performance by giving you the best cutting experiences while camping, hiking, or other activities.

Designed Handle

The Schrade Frontier comes with a stylish handle coated with ring designs. These rubber prints give a smooth and comfortable grip making it easier to use. The thermoplastic covering and hanging hole makes it complete hunting and daily used tool without any doubt.

Portable and Convenient

The blade of this knife is designed with a full tang shape making it easier to use. The tip of the blade exerts maximum pressure with minimum power loss and eliminates hand pain by giving smooth cutting. Apart from this, the compact size of the Schrade Frontier allows you to carry it wherever you want. So, users can get a satisfying outcome from its portable feature anytime.


  • Matte black covering on the blade eliminates corrosion or stickiness
  • The ring-designed thermoplastic handle gives a strong and secured grip
  • Easy portability makes it easier to carry anywhere you like


  • The sharpened blade starts to decay as soon as the coating is damaged after frequent use

Morakniv Craftline Pro S

If you are looking for a knife that can function perfectly in any weather, then Morakniv Craftline can be the best pick. A compact and powerful working mechanism of the knife makes it easier for you to cut through anything flawlessly. So, let’s state move on to the advanced features for your ease of purchase.

Weather Resistant

The stainless-steel coating on the blade and the rubber-coated handle ensures the perfect condition of the knife in any weather. Whether it’s raining hard or too much sunny making you sweat, Morakniv Craftline can give you precise cutting without losing the grip. Since the thermal condition of the handle remains unchanged, it gives you more convenient service every time.

Safety Feature

The front part of the handle comes with a finger guard to protect your hand from the blade. The anti-slippery and protective guard ensures the high safety of the user and eliminates contact with the blade. The plastic sheath used to cover the knife can protect it from external exposure making it safer and convenient to carry.

All-Rounder Purpose

Morakniv Craftline can cut through anything and works as a fire starter as well. The strong and slopped edge of the knife gives flawless results in each swing. The TPE rubber coating can give ensure optimum grip making it easier to cut through anything like butter.


  • TPE rubber coating eliminates slippery giving a firm grip for convenient use
  • A finger guard at the front of the handle ensures a safety mechanism
  • The weather-resistant feature makes it easier to use Morakniv Craftline in any condition


  • The absence of a full tang blade makes it tough to cut large objects at a time

Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival

Schrade knives are always popular for their unique design and effective result. Another such stunning knife is the SCHF9 that can take your cutting experience to a different level. It is also known as one of the best knives under 100 that comes with a sheath covering and lanyard hole. So why waiting, check out its interesting features before buying it.

Perfect in every field

Schrade SCHF9 ensures constant premium performance wherever you take it. Whether you need to cut woods for camping or skin animal before cooking, the SCHF9 flawlessly completes all the jobs. The full tang Tip-Edge design of the blade eliminates slipperiness giving a precise result every time.

Stunning Handle

The unique ring-designed print with a thermoplastic rubber coating on the handle gives a comfortable and stylish hold. It eliminates stickiness and sweating as well to ensure convenient use. Besides, the finger notch and thumb holder ensure a perfect hold in the palms that makes it ideal for everyday use.

Handy and Portable

The handle of SCHF9 comes with a lanyard hole at the back which can be used for storing easily. The small and compact shape ensures easy transfer of the knife. The included leather sheath along with the knife makes it easier to carry it anywhere. Belt sheath covering allows you easy access to the knife making it safer and handier.


  • Ring design and thermoplastic cover ensure a firm grip
  • The full tang blade size allows you to cut a large surface at a time
  • The thumb guard and finger notch ensure precise cutting without hand pain


  • The sharpness of the blade starts to decrease after frequent use

Buck Selkirk

The Buck Knives can be your best companion in the most adverse condition. Selkirk is one of the best bushcraft knives under hundred dollars specially designed for daily use and emergency as well. The multi-functional features made this knife more attractive and useful compared to other products. Some more interesting features can fulfill all your demands regarding a survival knife.

All-in-one Feature

If you are looking for a knife that can work for multiple purposes outdoors or indoors, then Selkirk can assure your works perfectly. Apart from a strong and edge retention blade, the handle comes with a contoured Micarta coating for heavy duties and secure grip. The steel part attached at the back can be used as a hammer and an attached whistle can save you in emergency times.

Premium Quality

The blade of this Buck knife comes with an extended tip where the drop point ensures maximum power while cutting. The Razor-Sharp Blade quality ensures easy cutting in any weather and eliminates corrosion greatly. A sturdy handle makes your chopping, cutting, etc. much comfortable by giving a firm grip and control in every swing.

Safe and Handy

An included leather sheath for carrying the knife makes it a complete package for outdoor uses as well. All the safety features like, finger guard, whistle, sturdy handle grip, etc. ensures the most practical use in every field.


  • An included whistle helps in an emergency
  • The hard-back steel of the knife works as a hammer
  • The included leather sheath makes it easier to carry the knife anywhere


  • The grinding is very weak and results in handle shifting after a few months

Morakniv Companion

Who doesn’t want a knife that can cut through anything without damaging the sharpness of the edged surface? This demand of all the craft lovers can be assured by Morakniv Companion Outdoor knife easily. A highly designed gripped handle with a Heavy Razor blade ensures an error-free cut in every blow.

Rubber Protection

A fully rubber-coated handle comes with a curvy bottom that fits in hands perfectly. Whether your hands are dry, cold, or wet, the Morakniv Outdoor knife ensures precise cutting every time. The finely finished rubber layer eliminates sweating and pain in the hands while using for a long time.

Premium Blade

The steel blade of High-quality comes with an anti-corrosive layer making cutting jobs much easier. Besides, the sharpness of this blade remains intact much longer compared to the Carbon steel layer.

Plastic Covering

The included plastic cover for the blade ensures easy and safe carry of the knife in pockets. The Morakniv knife serves as the perfect working mechanism while carving, chopping foods, fire starter, etc. which gives the users an all-rounder tool.


  • Stainless steel works efficiently without losing sharpness
  • A rubber-protected handle gives a sweat-free well-balanced control of the knife
  • This knife serves a constant quality performance in every situation flawlessly


  • Handle rubber starts to peel off after frequent use

Guide to Buy the Best Bushcraft Knife under $100

An easy and effective buying guide be the final touchup on our today's important discussion. So, let's focus on those facts that guide you to buy the best bushcraft knife on the market.

Blade Material

The first thing to judge is the material used in a knife's blade. The performance and longevity of a knife depend on its blade. 

Stainless steel is the most common and budget-friendly material you can find. But the main flaw of this material is it can't hold the edges for much longer. You have to do a bit of sharpening frequently to keep the knife usable. 

On the other hand, high-density carbon steel is the most effective and durable material in the market. It stays sharp and doesn't break while having lots of pressure. Though this material costs a bit more than stainless steel, we highly appreciate carbon knives.

 You can even buy carbon coated steel blades if you want. But this material might not turn out to be durable in many cases.


Heavy equipment always reduces your mobility in the jungle. The same thing goes for knives. 

The weight of the knife you use should be moderate. Too heavy or too light knives might be hard to use and less effective.


We often forget to judge the handle of a knife. There are some things about the knife handle you should know. 

First of all, you need to know the material of the handle. Mostly, you can find wooden or plastic handles with bushcraft knives. Both of them work fine according to our experience. 

The gripping facility matters the most for judging the knife handle. No matter what material the handle contains, it should have a good finish that creates enough friction to allow the knife to stay steady in your hand. 

The shape of the handle also puts some impact. If the shape doesn't work fine with the posture of your fist when being closed, you can get hurt or soreness in your hand by using the knife consecutively.

Knife Hold or Sheath

One thing most users always forget to consider is the knife cover. You cannot put your knife in your pocket or backpack with the blade revealed. 

You should always try to find a model that comes with a good nylon or leather sheath. But recently, some manufacturers have stopped giving sheaths with knives. So, you don't have to feel sorry if you find the right type for you without a cover.

Final Decision

If you ask us to pick one for you by judging overall circumstances, we would recommend Becker BK 12. It can cut through most of the stuff in the jungle without taking extra time. Also, the size and quality let you carry anywhere for years.

Besides, we have also recommended Morakniv, Schrade, and eight more for their multitasking abilities, longevity, and sharpness, almost like the BK 12. But one thing you should know is, our every choice here is best for some purposes different from one another. 

Thus, the rest is up to you. You can pick one from our list following our reviews and guides for your next camping trip.

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