Press Grill-Where can use It?

A press grill constitutes a contact grill that is used to heat meat products, sandwiches, vegetables, and specialty menu dishes using electric elements. The unit comprises a fixed heated bottom plate that closes toward the bottom plate that holds food in the place. The role of the press grill is to heat food to a certain internal temperature with the desired external characteristics, such as grill masks, crisp finish, or melted cheese.

A press grill is usually made of cast iron which makes it lightweight. Some press grills are made of other heavy metals like aluminum and glass. Each comes with a handle attached to the upper side of the flat weight. The main concept of a grill press is to ensure that your food remains flat and that heat is evenly distributed.

Press Grill

A good number of press grills come with raised strips on the lower side to impart grill marks to your food. Press grills are sometimes referred to as bacon presses or steak weights. Most press grills are commonly used on outside grills but they can also be used inside with a skillet.

What is a grill press used for?

A press grill is an ideal tool for you if you love deeply seared steaks, uniformly browned grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy-skinned fish fillets. But before you start using a press grill, there are certain things you should know.

Food cooks faster

Nearly all presses will speed up the cooking process because they push more of the food closer to the heat. In addition, the press flattens your food which pushes off some moisture without altering the texture of the finished product. The press also creates a cooking environment that is slightly wetter, producing steam which speeds up the cooking process.

Avoid crowding your food

Overcrowding your food is not encouraged when cooking with a grill press. This is mainly because you will need more space in the pan for moisture to evaporate. Unless you just want your food to steam, press just a single sandwich or piece of meat or poultry at a time.

Ensure your food is completely under the press

All your food should be under the press when cooking with a press grill. All the food that is not under the press will not get weighed down and as a result, won’t get that nice brown crust you are after.

Preheat your grill press

One advantage of preheating the press is that it accelerates browning of your food on both sides. To preheat, place your press directly on the electric coil or gas burner and heat over medium heat for up to 10 minutes. You should then add your food as you normally do. Preheating your press ensures that your food will sear evenly from above.

You can remove the press at some point

If you are cooking delicate or soft foods, you can remove the press at some point during the cooking process. This helps to reduce the likelihood of crushing or quashing the food during the cooking process.

Keep a towel or pot holder at hand

Regardless of how heat-resistant the handle of your grill press can be, it can still become very hot, especially if you preheat it. Protecting your hands with a potholder or a towel is paramount when moving the press.

Why do you need a press grill?

A press grill comes in handy whenever you are searing a piece of meat, crisping the skin of a chicken breast or fish fillet. A press grill helps to maximize contact between your cooking vessel and the food. Good things happen whenever ingredients come into contact with the heating surface. They cook fast at an even rate and undergo flavor-boosting chemical reactions.

Along with the use of the right cooking techniques, selecting an appropriately sized cooking vessel is paramount to avoid overcrowding the food. The food should be arranged in a single layer and apply a weighted pressure to the ingredients. This helps to maximize the surface area that is in direct contact with the pan to boost browning.

Another reason why you should use the press grill is that it is designed for weighing down food during the cooking process. Press grills come with weights in smart designs that are ideal to have in your kitchen. They are available in different sizes and the weights can be adjusted to fit your needs. These weights are well suited for holding down delicate food items such as fish fillets.

Can you use a panini press as a grill?

When used as an indoor grill, a Panini press is a great kitchenware asset that can work wonders far beyond making sandwiches. It is a wise investment for cooking proteins such as chicken breasts, flank steaks, bacon, and more.

Panini presses come with heat sources on both sides and thus cooks quickly, roughly in 4 minutes for chicken breasts that are ½ inch thick. In addition, using a press to prepare your protein will save you an extra pan in the event that your protein is going into your sandwich.

To use a Panini press as a grill, you should consider:

The size of your cut

Go for thin, boneless cuts that are less than an inch thick. This will ensure that they cook thoroughly without burning.

Avoid sticking

Unless you are marinating the meat, remember to brush it with some oil to prevent it from sticking to your pan.

Make it easy to clean

According to some cook professionals, a Panini brush is a lifesaver. Simply dip it in a bowl of warm water and brush the press when it is still hot. This should clean the Panini press in less than a minute. You should then proceed to cook the other components of your meal.

Be innovative

Other than thin cuts of meat, you can also use a Panini press to cook quesadillas, shrimp kabobs, and heartier veggies like eggplant or Portobello mushrooms.

What’s a Panini press?

A Panini press refers to a stovetop or countertop that is used for preparing a small Italian sandwich which is traditionally known as Panini. It is also known as a Grill Press or Panini Maker. A Panini press comes with a top and a bottom ridged heated plates that can press and grill the bread in a single operation. This feature helps it to produce a golden crispy crust on either side of a sandwich without requiring you to flip the sandwich grill to the other side.

Panini presses are made from cast iron, cast iron, or glass. They are manufactured with square, round, or rectangular grill plates of different weights.

Lightweight models are considered to be less effective than heavier grills which provide more compression weight when baking sandwiches.

What can you cook on a sandwich press?

You can cook a variety of foodstuffs on a sandwich press including:

  • Mini cakes
  • Bacons
  • Cones
  • Crispy harshbrown
  • Giant brownie
  • Smashed potatoes
  • Doughnut chips
  • Cold pizza
  • Veggies
  • Frozen cinnamon rolls


A press grill is kitchenware you can’t afford to miss in your home if you like crispy sandwiches and more. Presses are available in different shapes, sizes, and weights and come with smart designs that upscale the look of your kitchen. In addition, cooking with a press grill is fun, enjoyable, and fast.

It’s the high time you start planning to order a press grill that will transform your cooking experience. Plus, you will get the opportunity to try out different recipes that you are always crazy about.

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