How to Cook Rice in Small Pressure Cooker

Small pressure cookers are better for cooking than large pressure cookers. Because they are easy to handle, can minimize the pressure cooker’s workload, and little portions are favored.

If you are here to know how to make Rice in small pressure cookers, then you are in the right place. You may need some practice for ultimate perfection. Therefore, don’t hesitate if you fail the first time.

I will tell you the entire process step by step below. You may think cooking rice is hard, but if you follow our steps it will be a cakewalk. 

Cooking Normal White Rice in Small Pressure Cookers


  • Normal white rice 2 cups 
  • 2.5 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon normal white salt or diamond crystal kosher salt 

Pro Tips

Remember the amount of rice and water is equivalent to each other. For every 2 cups of rice 2.5 cups of water is necessary, and the amount of salt depends on your test. It is a bit different from normal pot cooking. The ratio of rice and water in a small pressure cooker is 1:1.5


Step 1

First, rinse the rice with fresh water. wash it clearly, so that no small filth remains. 

But, remember not to wash too much. Because the rice may lose its protein value. Washing too much will make the rice grain soggy, and it will be a bit bland in taste.

Pour the rice in a bowl, then fill the bowl with water and gently grasp the rice inside the water. Press it 2 or 3 times, then drop the water from the bowl. Be careful not to drop the rice grains with the water. 

Step 2

Pour the rice inside the pressure cooker, then add water and salt. Stir the rice and lock the lid.

Step 3

Now pressure cook the rice for 4 minutes in high pressure. After 4 minutes, turn off the warming mood and leave it for 10 minutes, so the pressure can come down. Release any remaining pressure from the cooker.

Step 4

Use a fork or a plastic spoon to fluff the rice and serve it in a bowl or a plate.

You can use some lemongrass in the plater for more delicacy.

Required Items 

An instant pot ultra is best for multi cooking. A 3 Quart multi-cooker is perfect. The instant pot’s small pressure cookers electric features are amazing.

Cook Rice in an Aluminum Small Pressure Cooker 

Cooking rice in a normal aluminum pressure cooker and the electric pressure cooker is almost the same. Some steps may change but the overall process remains the same. The main difference comes in the pressure generating. 


  1. 1 glass of rice
  2. 1.5 glass of water 

Pro Tips 

The ratio of rice and water in a small pressure cooker is 1:1.5. For every 1 glass of rice 1.5 glass of water is required. The glass should be 350 mL in size.


Step 1

Take 2 glasses of rice in a bowl, then wash it in the sink water. Don’t soak the water from the rice before pouring the rice in the pressure cooker. 

Step 2

Pour the rice in the pressure cooker and add the water. Close the lid carefully, so that no steam can come out of the cooker. Also, remember to keep the stove in full power.

Step 3

Now put the cooker on the stove and cook the rice for one whistle. After the first whistle, stop the stove. 

Then release the valve and slowly let the steam come out from the pressure cooker for 10 or 20 minutes. This is important, or the rice will become soggy and uncooked. The leftover steam makes the rice fuzzy, soft, and chewable.

Step 4

Fluff the rice with a Wooden spoon or plastic spoon. 

Coconut Rice Recipe in a Small Pressure Cooker 

When you prepare rice along with coconut milk or coconut palm, you can call it coconut rice. It is a popular dish in the eastern part of the world. 

Most importantly, coconut rice is part of Asian culture. But, the interesting fact is that some Latin American countries also love coconut rice for occasional festivals. 

And as the taste is quite delicate. You may think it is difficult to cook, but this recipe is so simple that you will love it. 

Try it out after you read this article. I hope it will reach your heart.


  1. Jasmine rice 1.5 cups (normal 350mL coffee cup)
  2.  Unsweetened coconut milk 1 can 
  3. Water 1/2 cup 
  4. Sugar 1 teaspoon 
  5. Salt 1/4 teaspoon 
  6. For some garnishing use coconut flak
  7. Vegetable broth 1.5 cup
  8. Fresh mint 1 Tbsp 
  9. Fresh basil 1 Tbsp 

Pro Tips

This rice will be a bit sticky, gummy, and smushy. It’s natural and doesn’t think you ruined the rice. Be careful in pouring the rice, it may ruin the original texture. 


Step 1 

Collect all the necessary ingredients and put them on the table. Recheck it before starting. Try not to miss any ingredients, it is important for a bowl of perfect coconut rice. 

Step 2

Rinse the rice in freshwater for 3 minutes or until the water is clear. Then pour the rice in the pressure cooker.

Step 3

Mix the coconut milk and vegetable broth in a bowl. Pour this mix and the salt in the rice. Stir the rice, so that all the ingredients are mixed with rice grains perfectly. Now lock the lid and keep it like this for 4 minutes. The pressure must be high while cooking. 

Step 4

Meantime, for the platter take some mint leaves and basil. Chop them in tiny pieces. Furthermore, if you want some additional flavor in the dish add some lemongrass.

Step 5

After 4 minutes open the relief valve and release the pressure naturally for 10 minutes. After that do a quick release for any remaining pressure.

Step 6

Take out the rice from the pressure cooker and pour it in a bowl, then add those mint and basil mix to the cooked rice and stir gently. Your coconut milk rice is ready to bring a smile on your loved one’s face. 

Required Items

Both an electric pressure cooker and a normal small aluminum pressure cooker will bring the same result. The only difference is the amount of the maximum ingredients of both pressure cookers. 

Hawkins has one of the best small pressure cookers in their collection. They have some finest petty pressure cookers for baby food too. Check out those pressure cookers on Amazon.

FAQs about Small Pressure Cooker

Question 1: What is the best size for a pressure cooker?

Answer: If you have 4 or 5 members in your family, an electric pressure cooker which is 3 or 6 quart in size is perfect. But a large family will require a big sized pressure cooker. 

Question 2: Is a pressure cooker better than a slow cooker?

Answer: A slow cooker takes more time in a simple recipe, but a pressure cooker takes less time in that same recipe. If timing is important then pressure cookers are the best.

Question 4: Are old pressure cookers dangerous?

Answer: If an old pressure cooker has a broken lid or liked valve, it may explode in high pressure. So, it is considered dangerous. 

Question 5: Should I buy a pressure cooker?

Answer: A pressure cooker can save your time, give you freshly cooked food, sterilize most of the bacterias, and cook multiple recipes in one device. So Buy it without any hesitation. 

Summing Up Cooking Rice on Pressure Cooker

No matter which kinds of rice you are cooking, if you follow the above instructions you will get the best result. Just keep in mind that you are making rice, not any fancy cuisine, so keep it simple. Sometimes simplicity is best for a good outcome. 

So, try them out. Believe in yourself and you can become an expert in cooking rice with a small pressure cooker.

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