Best Meat Grinders for Deer

In this article, we have reviewed the best meat grinders for deer and for other food types as well. Most of these grinders are versatile and you can put them into different uses. Before we settled on this list, we considered a number of things that we will later address including the motor capacity, attachments and accessories, ease of cleaning and operation, and the general value that can offer to the user.

Best Meat Grinders for Deer
Like in any market, each product comes with its specs and features, functionalities, and efficiencies. Therefore, before you can buy any meat grinder on the market, once you know how to grind deer meat, you can to check the following:

Motor capacity and performance

Motor capacity is what determines the efficiency of any grinder. When the motor capacity is low, it means that the product may not work efficiently on hard foods such as nuts and bones. 

You need to check the motor ratings of the grinder and the overall performance so that you can get the right choice that can give you the results you want.

Capacity for Industrial Performance

Some meat grinders are just made for home use and do not have the capacity to perform large scale operations. Such include those that can work continuously for less than 10 minutes. 

depending on the choice you want, whether for commercial or for home use, you should always make sure that you are getting the right machine for the right purpose.

Size of the Grinder

Different grinders come with different sizes. Depending on your counter space, or the space that you have in your kitchen, you need to pick a grinder that will not give you stress to locate at the right place. You need the right size.

Attachments and Accessories

This is a very essential part when it comes to choosing one of the best meat grinders for deer or for any other purpose. You need to consider the attachments and all the accessories including the plates, sausage stuffers, cutting blades, and food pushers just to mention a few.

Ease of assembly and cleaning

Cleaning is not an option after you have used your meat grinder. You need to take it apart and clean each part accordingly. That means you need to check on the ease of assembly, and how to clean the parts whether in the dishwasher or not.

What is the Best Meat Grinder for Deer?

This is not an easy task. In this case, we would pick one that works largely on most food types including but not limited to deer. 

That is generally the best overall in performance, in grinding bones, nuts, and hard foods on an industrial scale. We would recommend The Powerful STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder due to the many functional features that makes it the best on the market. 

You can use a meat grinder for many purposes, both domestic and commercial meat grinding, grinding bones, making of burger patty, and in making sausages among many other uses.

The list of the best meat grinders for deer and other uses that you can find on the market are here:

Lem 12 Meat Grinder

LEM Products W780A is a great machine that grinds up to 11 pounds of meat per minute. It works great for homes and restaurants or butcheries that are looking for the best meat grinders for deer. The heavy-duty motor encased in stainless steel housing does not just make it efficient but also durable. 

When it comes to functionality, LEM Products W780A features metal gears that come with roller bearings thus making it efficient and easy to use. 

There is also a safety aspect of this deer grinder that makes it safe for use. That is the built-in circuit breaker technology. 

The other thing that makes this product outstanding is the big bite technology that makes the auger take in more bites of meat into the grinding head. 

LEM Products W780A does not clog even with larger feeds of meat. That means you can continuously feed up your machine as long as you have some meat to grind. You don’t have to worry about the machine getting clogged even with tendons or sinews.


  • It is faster than most other meat grinders
  • The grinder does not clog with tendons or sinew
  • Stainless steel motor housing for durability
  • Easy to move with its heavy-duty handles
  • Built-in circuit breaker ensures safety when in use
  • Does both coarse and fine grinding


  • May not work well with frozen meat
  • Does not have a reverse gear like in some other brands

Kitchenaid Metal Food Grinder

If you are looking for metal attachments for your venison meat grinder or any other brand, then you may need to consider this Metal Food Grinder Attachments. It works great for KitchenAid brand mixers and grinders. 

These metal attachments are made of food-grade quality aluminum alloy material and are safe. The other thing is that they are far more durable than the plastic models. 

The attachments that we come with this package include 2 sausage stuffer tubes, and works efficiently without heating up when grinding. 

The advantage with this attachment is that it is easy to use. You just need to attach it to the power hub and everything is set up for you to begin your grinding. Also, you can grind the texture that you want, whether coarse, medium, or fine. The grinding plates are what makes it possible to achieve that. 

Still on functionality, this is one of the best meat grinders for deer that is so versatile and you can adapt it to other uses. That includes grinding vegetables, fruits, and hard cheese among other functions. 

The other feature that everyone would be concerned about is cleaning the machine. With this grinder, you can detach all the parts and clean each part by hand.


  • Versatile and works for grinding different food types
  • Easy to detach the parts and to assemble
  • Maintains the cool temperature during grinding.
  • Food-grade quality materials
  • All metal parts make it durable
  • Comes with 4 sizes of plates to yield different texture grinding results.
  • It is easy to clean by hand washing


  • It is not dishwasher safe.

Stx Turboforce 3000 Meat Grinder

This brand is more than what you may think. It works as the best meat grinder and sausage stuffer and is worth the cost if you are looking for a combination grinder that works for both purposes. 

It is a heavy-duty grinder with 3-speed button control panel that would make it easy to control the speed for each grinding. There are so many features that make this grinder the best on the market including the powerful 3000 watts motor that boosts its performance.

On the performance, this machine can grind up to 240lbs of meat per hour. It also comes with a high-capacity tray for meat and can hold up to 3lbs. 

When it comes to grinding, the stainless-steel cutting blades together with the hardened stainless steel grinding plates makes chopping and grinding an easy task. 

There is so much to expect from this wonderful meat grinder classic edition. Though it may not be useful for commercial purposes due to its limitation of grinding bones and animal tendons, you can benefit a lot from its capacity to grind your household meat.


  • Can grind up to 240lbs of meat in one hour
  • Able to grind larger portions of meat
  • Comes with a 3-speed switch for low, high, and reverse
  • Easy to use and to clean all the parts
  • Circuit breaker is available for safety
  • Easy to stuff raw meat into a grinder with a meat pusher


  • It is not washable in the dishwasher machine
  • Not good for grinding meat with tendons

Bbday Electric Meat Grinder

If you are looking for a meat grinder with noise reduction technology, then this brand by BBday is one of the best electric meat grinders for deer. It is also ideal for chicken and pork among other types of meat. 

On the features, this grinder comes with multiple attachments that serve different needs. That includes the cutting blades, kubbe kit for cooking, sausage attachments, and food pusher. 

The powerful and durable 1200 watts motor gives it the capacity to deliver up to 2 pounds of ground meat per minute. 

All the parts of this grinder are made of food-grade material and thus are safe and reliable. Therefore, it is a reliable food grinder that you can buy for your home use. 

There is also another aspect of cleaning this product. It is recommended that you wash all the metal parts by hand. You will find it easy to assemble and also to disassemble when need be.


  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to clean.
  • Made of food-grade metal parts
  • Safe and reliable
  • Durable and can last for years
  • Powerful and efficient motor for fast grinding
  • Features noise reduction technology.


  • Metal parts not fit for the dishwasher machine

Weston (10-3201-W) Pro Series Electric Meat Grinders

If you are looking for one of the best meat grinders for deer, Weston Pro series is more than what you need. It comes with a powerful and permanently lubricated motor that runs smoothly and quietly. 

With the same powerful 1500-watt motor, you can grind up to 18lbs of meat in one minute. There is also the aspect of portability that makes Weston (10-3201-W) easy to carry with its sturdy handle. 

You will need to disassemble the parts for easy cleaning and after you are done, it is also easy to bring back the parts or to assemble. 

The reverse function is another feature that you cannot find in all the brands of meat grinders out there. This helps to prevent clogging of meat while grinding. Within this feature is the tray guard that works to prevent your hands accidents.


  • Steel and durable gears
  • Works efficiently and quietly
  • Can grind up to 18lbs per minute. hence faster than other models
  • Does not get clogged with meat due to the reverse function feature.
  • It is stable with the non-slip rubber feet
  • Easy to clean and to assemble


  • Can take time to start after a long time of use
  • The sucker is a bit heavy

Chef's Choice Professional Food and Meat Grinder

Chef's Choice is a heavy-duty machine that can be used for commercial meat grinding purposes. It is also versatile and you can use for your domestic grinding purposes. It features high-torque gear with a powerful 400-watt motor and hence can grind all kinds of meat including tendons. 

If you want to grind chicken with all the parts, including the legs, then you will need this Chef's Choice meat grinder. 

Being a super powerful grinder, it can serve all meat grinding purposes including venison grinding. It features three stainless steel plates for different texture grinding results. That is for fine, medium, and coarse. 

The shape and design of this grinder is made compact and if you are looking for one that can take small space, then you may need to consider this Chef's Choice brand. All we can say is that this meat grinder is a professional option for commercial purposes and is also a good wild meat grinder that can work perfectly on all kinds of meat.


  • Useful for commercial purposes
  • Can deliver coarse, medium, and fine ground meat.
  • Versatile and can grind fruits and veggies as well
  • Powerful motor that delivers reliable and long-lasting performance
  • Sturdy handle makes it easy to handle.
  • Can grind even the toughest meat including chicken bones.
  • Reverse feature that prevents clogging


  • Louder when in operation
  • May get clogged with organ meat

Electric Meat Grinder, Altra 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer

This also comes as the best meat grinder for deer and other types of meat. It works great and delivers medium, coarse, and fine ground meat. It is a good choice for home, small restaurants, and butcher shops. 

The good side with this powerful meat grinder is the ease of use. You will find it easy to manage and to maintain. The large meat tray can accommodate up to 3lbs of meat and hence making it suitable for grinding large pieces of meat. 

When it comes to cleaning, you just need to clean each part with running water. The parts, however, are not dishwasher safe. It leads in style, in power, and in performance. 

There are all sorts of accessories that come with this awesome grinder to make it easy for you to achieve all your grinding needs. That includes the plates, blades, food pusher, and a set of 3 kibbe, and food tray. Therefore, you have all that you need to grind your meat or even vegetables and fruits.


  • Powerful and efficient 2000W motor for fast grinding
  • Features noise reduction technology for quiet operation
  • Comes with all accessories that you will need for grinding
  • 3-layer all-metal sturdy housing for durability
  • Easy to operate with on, off, and reverse switches
  • ETL certified and safe


  • It is not recommended to be used for more than 10 minutes continuously

Waring Pro Mg855 Professional Meat Grinder

Waring Pro MG855 is a sturdy and powerful grinder housing that works great to deliver the results that you want. If you are looking for the best meat grinder for deer processing, Waring Pro MG855 is the choice to make. 

This meat grinder is good for home use and features extra-large die cast hopper and cutting plates for coarse, fine, and medium grinding. It also features on, off, and reverse switches and that makes it easy to operate. The reverse switch makes it useful in preventing clogging. 

Waring Pro MG855 also comes with 3 sausage attachments and that makes it a versatile meat grinder that also works great for making sausages. 

Still on performance, the 450-watt motor makes this grinder an efficient choice for every home and the housing itself can last for a lifetime.


  • Grinds efficiently and faster
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Versatile and you can use it with hamburger and sausages
  • Easy to operate with three switches
  • Reverse function to prevent clogging
  • Powerful and heavy-duty 350-watt motor


  • Some parts may rust after washing if not coated with mineral oil

Sunmile SM-G33 Electric Meat Grinder

Sunmile SM-G33 electric meat grinder is another worthwhile grinder that you can use for domestic meat grinding at home. On the performance side, this machine can grind up to 170lbs of meat per hour and this is a good choice for speed. 

The big capacity tray that comes with this machine also makes it easy to grind large portions of meat without having to feed the grinder every time. Waring Pro MG855 is also easy to operate just with one switch with different functionalities. 

Just like the other brands with circuit breakers, Waring Pro MG855 is not left alone. This works to make the grinder safe and prevent burnout. The reverse function works to prevent clogging making this product one of the best meat grinders for deer and other functions. 

On the accessories side, there is a full-set of everything that you need to make this grinder work best for your grinding needs. All the attachments including the plates, cutting blades, sausage stuffer, and big capacity tray.


  • Easy to clean by hand
  • Low noise during operation
  • Delivers different ground textures
  • Powerful motor and faster grinding
  • Safe with circuit breaker
  • Easy to use with just a single switch for multiple operations.
  • Taking apart is easy


  • The motor can smell if not properly cleaned
  • It is not dishwasher safe

ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder

ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder works great for homes that want to have their own kitchen meat grinders. It makes the grinding work easy when you have this machine at the comfort of your home. 

Whenever you want to stuff your sausages, ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder comes handy to give you the fine results. 

This grinder is not just efficient but is also safe and reliable. It features a tool for pushing the meat down the grinder to avoid getting your fingers messed up in danger. 

ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder features 800W copper motor and 1.2HP making it efficient and powerful hence becoming one of the best meat grinders for venison. There is so much to celebrate with this awesome machine. It works perfectly well and is easy to operate.


  • Comes with all attachments and accessories
  • 800W maximum locked power
  • Safety tool for keeping your fingers safe when in use
  • Compact size and takes up less space
  • Detachable design for easy cleaning


  • Can rust if not dried immediately after cleaning
  • Only suitable for home use and does not work on an industrial scale
  • Not suitable for hard foods

How to Choose the Best Meat Grinders for Deer

After going through the list, you now have the task of choosing the best grinder whether a wild game meat grinder or just a normal one for domestic use. 

This is how you need to choose:

Check the purpose

This is where you need to know why you are buying a meat grinder. You should not just do it for the sake of being called a meat grinder. Is it for domestic or for commercial use?

For commercial use, you can have Chef's Choice Chef'sChoice Professional Commercial Food/Meat Grinder since it is made for heavy duty-functions and can grind even the toughest of meat and chicken bones. 

If you are going to use it generally for small-duty home grinding, I would recommend ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder or The Powerful STX Turboforce Classic 3000 Series Electric Meat Grinder. 

Check the speed

This is the fastness of the meat grinder when in operation. If you want to have a faster machine that can deliver large ground meat within no time, you may go with LEM Products W780A since it is faster than most other grinders on the list. 

Check the level of noise

Some grinders are too noisy and that would be a great distraction especially when using it at night. Therefore, you may need to pick one with noise reduction technology like Electric Meat Grinder, Altra 3-IN-1 Meat Mincer and others that have the same technology for quiet operation. 

Overall performance

This is where you will pick a grinder based on all the features. You consider noise, performance, speed, and the purpose and in this case, we would recommend LEM Products W780A since it is the best meat grinder overall. 


You are now equipped to make a choice. What is your favorite pick among the best meat grinders above? Of course, it would depend on your budget as well, but wait, don’t focus on budget so much that you can miss on other important aspects that would determine the usefulness of your machine. Take time and have the best choice.

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