Best Chef Knife Under $100

A set of quality knives is always essential for cooking with ease. To complete your kitchen, you must have knives with sharp blades and longevity along with other appliances like mixer, cooker, pan, etc. 

Best Chef Knife Under $100

The main problem is branded knives don't come on a tight budget. Mostly, they cost you around 200 to 300 bucks in general. That's why the best chef knife under $100 is hard to find that not only eases your cooking with its sharp edge but also fits in your budget smoothly.

Below here, we are reviewing the top ten inexpensive knives to use in kitchen works to ease your search for a good one.

There are basic features that make a knife worth buying for any cutting job of cooks. One must make sure the knife being bought in the future should consist of those facilities.

Metal Strength

Most of the knives on the market, are made out of steel. Yet, that used steel material isn’t same for every knife. Some are made out of the combination of steel and other materials, because it makes steel more durable and stronger enough. 

Specially, when the carbon is added, it makes it stronger. So, while choosing to buy one, then do select high-carbon stainless steel material, thus you won’t be needing to sharpen it very often. 

Knife Tang

We all use knife almost once in every hour in average, yet we don’t know all its feature. While buying a chef’s knife, you need to know its features. One of the most important features is tang. Tang is called the bottom part of the blade that outspreads into the handle of the chef’s knife. 

This is more about balancing, and it works like a safeguard while working with it. Besides, the tang controls as counter-balance to make the users feel more stable in the center of their hands. Though the size plus weight of the tang can significantly change the feel of the knife, users are using.

Knife Weight

The weight of the knife makes a huge difference in your cutting experience. Comparatively heavier knives can easily cut through strong and hard foods easily. Yet, if you work for a long while then this extra weight can wear arms out faster. 

Besides, a lightweight knife is pretty comfortable and easy to use for longer time. But do not cut harder fruits or vegetables with it. So, it’s totally a personal decision of selecting the right knife.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Knives Under 100 Dollars

Our vote goes to Victorinox 45520 if you want us to pick one because of its sustainable sharpness, comfortable handle structure, and stain-free lasting. But there is another option that is nearly equal to Victorinox. It is Dalstrong Gladiator for the overall structure and safety cover in addition. 

Still, some other models can also be proven to be worth buying when your pocket is nearly empty. This review section puts light on ten such options to let you pick one according to your necessity.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife

Victorinox Swiss Army 5.2063.20-X14 Fibrox Chef's...

A comfortable and elite kitchen experience can be ensured if perfect tools are available. A handy Chef’s Knife is one of those important tools that can take your kitchen works to the supreme level. The Fibrox Pro is considered the best Chef Knife under $100 that comes with multipurpose facilities and more interesting features.

Let’s check why this best knife under 100 can make your purchase a worthy one.

Multipurpose Feature

It doesn’t matter you cut a large cooked steak or chop veggies for your family, Fibrox Pro can complete your task in no time. All you need to do is place the meat on a cutting plate and gently cut through anything like butter. Dicing vegetables, chopping meat pieces, or serving sliced fruits, this knife can make your work done in no time.

Maximum Efficiency

The lightweight feature of the Fibrox Pro knife comes with razor-sharp technology at the front. The flat spine blades execute maximum power at the tip of the knife that can cut through any types of hard shells. So, you can get a perfect cut every time in every swing making your work much easier and comfortable.

Comfortable and Handy

One of the most common issues faced by everyone while using a knife is the comfort level. If a comfortable and secured grip is absent then pain fatigue arises after a few uses. 

The Victorinox 45520 has overcome this problem with a perfect thermoplastic coating. This allows easy cutting with wet hands also and eliminates hand pain giving a user-friendly feature.


  • Thermoplastic handle covering eliminates sweating and pain fatigue
  • Razor-style blade ensures maximum pressure with minimum effort
  • The hand resting curve design makes it easier to balance the knife


  • Frequent sharpening is required

imarku Chef Knife

imarku Japanese Chef Knife - Sharp Kitchen Knife 8...

If you are looking for a premium quality best knife set under 100 dollars then Imarku Pro Kitchen knife can be the best pick for you. This knife comes with a supreme quality handle and blade to give a professional kitchen experience. Besides, various layers of covering increase the durability of this product greatly.

Let’s move on to some of the key features of this product:


Imarku Kitchen knife is efficient in doing all sorts of works effortlessly. Whether you need to scale your fish or cut meat from the bones, this knife cuts through everything smoothly. Preparing slices of meat or dicing veggies have never been so easy since Imarku ensures a user-friendly feature.

Pakka-Wood Handle

Unlike other Chef’s Knives, Imarku comes with a Pakka-Wood designed to handle. This feature allows ache-free use and easy handling of the knife making it the best Chef Knife under $100. The durability and sturdiness of the handle are ensured due to the use of pakka-wood and are suitable for use in any weather.

High-Carbon Tempering

The flat blade is tempered with a stainless-steel covering made of high-carbon material. This layer ensures a high-quality material and eliminates all types of corrosions. 

A scratch-proof polymer used to cover the handle and blade gives a glossy and premium outlook after every use. This multi-layered covering makes it easier to wash it easily making it sticky-proof.


  • The high-carbon layer makes Imarku a long-lasting product compared to others
  • Pakka-Wood handle ensures a comfortable grip and stylish outlook
  • Corrosion-free and scratch-proof protection maintains the quality of the knife


  • Imarku is not dishwasher safe and various difficulties arise while cleaning

Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife

Mac Knife Series Hollow Edge Chef's Knife, 8-Inch,...

Mac Chef’s Knife is one of the best cheap Japanese knives that can take your kitchen experience to the ultimate level. A unique designed blade with a sturdy handle made this product the best fit for all types of cutting. Apart from its design, there are more useful features of the Mac Knife that will make it your favorite kitchen tool:

High-Quality Blade

The Mac Chef Knife comes with a premium blade with a Dimple design on both sides. The high-carbon protective tempering makes it stronger and sharper to cut through anything. 

The edge-retention technology with a sharp blade ensures long-term and eliminates frequent sharpening. It allows the users to cut meats, veggies, or fruits flawlessly without any hassle.

Sturdy and Stylish Handle

Pakka-Wood material is used in making the handle of the Mac Chef Knife with screw bolts for a stylish outlook. The curved edges of the handle make easy positions for the fingers while cutting and eliminate hand-ache and cramping. 

Apart from this, molybdenum steel covering on the blade and handle makes it comfortable and easy to use every time.

Regularly Usable

The easy handling and balanced weight of the knife make it comfortable for the user to cut anything smoothly. The all-in-one function of the knife ensures indoor and outdoor uses as well since the hard blade is made corrosion-free and scratch-proof.


  • The molybdenum and Carbon layer protects the sharpness and blade quality
  • Blade dimples on both sides give a stylish appearance
  • A sturdy handle with screw bolts ensures a strong grip and handling of the knife


  • Sharpening is needed to be done after frequent use

DALSTRONG Gladiator Series

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8 inch Blade - Gladiator...

The Dalstrong Chef knife is one of the best kitchen knives under $100 that can ensure a premium kitchen vibe every time. This knife comes with all the features and facilities that can make regular cutting tasks much easier. A comfortable handling and all equipped modern technologies made this knife the best Chef Knife under $100 according to its users.

We have summed up some of its interesting features of this knife that will help you to make a worthy purchase:

Stunning Blade

The high-quality blade of Dalstrong Knife can cut through anything like butter keeping its surface intact. The stainless steel and high-carbon give a protective coating on the blade keeping it free from all types of corrosion and stickiness. 

Apart from this, a sharp-edge curve on both sides of the blade ensures thin cuttings and slicing flawlessly. It allows the users to perform regular cuttings easily.

Functional Handle

The handle of the Dalstrong knife comes with perfect finishing and is covered with fiberglass resin. It ensures a no-slip mechanism and makes it scratch-proof. 

The triple-riveted bolts on the handle firmly attach the handle and blade making it the most durable knife ever. The users can perform any type of heavy cutting duty without any worries.

Safe and Easy to Use

A finger protection feature is present at the back part of the blade which ensures risk-free cuttings. Besides, the wide blade can be used to transfer cut ingredients anywhere making it more user-friendly. 

It doesn’t matter you are cutting through hot cooked meat or moisture and wet vegetables, Dalstrong Chef Knife can take care of your works flawlessly.


  • Triple-rivet and fiberglass resin ensure a secure grip
  • Stainless steel covering eliminates corrosion
  • Dalstrong knife can give supreme result under any condition due to higher durability


  • Discoloration appears if cleaned by using a dishwasher

Global G-4-7 Inch, 18cm Oriental Chef's Knife

Global G-4, Classic 7 inch Knife, Stainless Steel...

The Global G Kitchen Knife can introduce you to the professional kitchen world. A glossy silver outlook and continuous blade design made this knife unique and easy to use. It is also known as the best Japanese chef knife for under 100 dollars due to its comfortable, luxurious, and easy use.

Some interesting features of this product make it one of the most important kitchen accessories:

Razor Blade Ending

The blade of Global G is designed with advanced razor-sharp technology. It allows the sharp pointed tip to chop and cut through anything easily. Whether it comes to chopping your meal or dicing veggies this knife can complete your regular tasks flawlessly. 

Besides, the lightweight feature of the knife allows easy balancing and makes it more convenient.

Protective Layers

The blade and the attached handle are tempered with a protective layer to maintain the quality of the knife. Stainless steel and molybdenum covering makes the blade sharper and eliminates any sort of decay.

The anti-corrosion layer on the handle allows the users to use the knife under any condition flawlessly.

Air Dimpled Feature

The handle of the Global G Knife comes with a dimple-designed structure. It ensures a comfortable and strong grip to maximize the safety factor. 

Apart from these, the air dimples allow easy flow of air in the hands while using and thus eliminates sweating. So, the users can use this knife for a long time without any ache or fatigue.


  • The razor-sharp end on the tip ensures flawless and smooth cutting
  • Finger protection at the back of the handle ensures maximum safety mechanism
  • Air dimples eliminate sweating while cutting for a long time


  • The size of the handle may seem smaller if users have large hands

J.A. Henckels International Classic Chef Knife

HENCKELS Classic Razor-Sharp 8-inch Slicing Knife,...

If you are looking for a long-lasting chef knife that can be your regular kitchen companion then J. A Henckels can be the best choice. It is the best Japanese chef knife under 100 bucks that comes with all the convenient features to make your kitchen tasks more comfortable. So, let’s move on to the special features of this product which made it more functional compared to other knives:

Traditional Style Handle

The handle of J. A Henckels Knife comes in a stunning matte black color. This sturdy and firmly attached handle have triple-rivet technology which ensures longer durability and comfortable grip at the same time. 

A curved extension on the back makes it easier for the user to cut through anything with minimum power with a great balancing feature.

Professional Use

All-in-one feature of the J. A Henckels Knife allows its users to perform multiple cutting. It can be used to thinly slice cooked meat or dicing veggies with maximum efficiency and ease. 

The stainless-steel blade eliminates all types of stickiness or slipperiness and gives professional results in the kitchen every time.

Easy to use

The J.A Henckels Knife is dishwasher safe making it more convenient to store after use. The wide blade shape of this knife makes it easier for the users to cut and transfer the cuttings precisely. Apart from this, the sharp-edged bottom line helps in cutting any hard materials like butter without creating a mess.


  • The lightweight feature ensures easy balancing of the knife
  • The triple-rivet handle gives a safe and strong grip while using
  • The dishwasher safe feature makes it easier to clean after use


  • The upper portion of the blade has a rough finishing end and creates hand pain

Shun Sora Knife Set

Shun Cutlery Sora Chef's Knife 8”, Gyuto-Style...

The Shun Sora Knife is also considered as the best inexpensive chef Knife under 100 as it comes with the most unique features. These specifications can make your daily kitchen working more comfortable and hassle-free. A Japanese traditional hand-sharpened blade and a permanently joined handle ensure a flawless cutting. The significant features are listed below for a better idea of the product:

Wavy-designed Blade

The lower ending of the blade is hand-crafted with a wavy proprietary technology that ensures sharp and precise cutting. A stainless-steel protective layer is tempered on both sides of the blade which makes it corrosion-free. Besides, the hand-crafted design and sharpened edges cut everything like butter with minimum effort.

Luxurious and Safe

The handle of this knife is covered with TPE Protective layer that gives a strong grip even with moist hands. The finger-resting curve at the front part ensures convenient use and eliminates hand-ache. The Carbon steel covering of the blade and the screw bolt maintains the premium quality.

Best Kitchen Companion

The Shun Sora Chef’s Knife comes with a dishwasher safe feature which makes it convenient for users. The high-quality Japanese materials increase the durability of the product greatly and can be used regularly without sharpening for a long time.

The hand-crafted sharpened edges cut through fresh vegetables or meat in a single blow keeping the food values intact.


  • The proprietary design gives a curvy edge for a precise cutting experience
  • A narrow handle with a TPE covering gives a firm grip
  • It can be stored easily after every use since it is dishwasher safe


  • Too much lightweight creates difficulties while cutting

Wusthof Gourmet Chef Knife

WÜSTHOF Model 4562-7/20, Gourmet 8 Inch Chef’s...

If you are tired of discoloring, faded blades, and sticky knife then the WÜSTHOF chef knife can be your best kitchen companion. The most advanced technology used to build this knife allows you to perform multi-functional purposes easily. 

WÜSTHOF has been making their names in kitchen accessories for their long-lasting guarantee. So, let’s check out some more additional features of this knife that can make your daily kitchen works much comfortable.

Supreme Result

The blade and the handle of the WÜSTHOF Chef knife are crafted with the most advanced detailed laser technology. It ensures equal and sharp edges that result in the most comfortable and easy cutting. The handle comes with a Triple Bolt feature for the firm and durable feature.

Guaranteed Protective Layer

Unlike other knives, this best 8 inch chef knife comes with a stainless-steel covering and laser finishing. It eliminates all types of corrosion on the blade surface and keeps the quality intact. 

Along with this, the synthetic covering on the handle made of polypropylene ensures a comfortable and strong grip. Discoloration, easy cleaning, and fading are omitted due to the use of premium materials.


The perfectly shaped upper razor tip of the knife allows easy piercing and cutting. Whether it's thick meat pieces or thin fresh veggies, the WÜSTHOF Chef knife is capable of doing all types of heavy-duty. 

It also ensures slicing of raw meat, chopping and dicing fruits to perfection making it more convenient.


  • Laser finishing on the blade and handle ensures supreme results
  • A sturdy handle with polypropylene covering eliminates fade of color and corrosion
  • Premium quality materials ensure longer durability of the knife


  • Sharpening of the blade is required after frequent use

Santoku Knife Professional - MAD SHARK

MAD SHARK Kitchen Knife, Chef's Santoku Knife...

Knives that come with sharp blades and sturdy handles that allow comfortable and easy balancing can be considered the best knife. The Santoku Chef Knife is one of those best knives that can ensure a professional kitchen works easily. Starting from the tip of the blade to the last end of the handle, this knife can take your kitchen experience to a different level.

Hollow Edge Feature

The blade of Santoku comes with several hollow oval-shaped edges on both sides. It eliminates food suction while cutting through raw or cooked foods keeping the blade surface clean. In this way, the blade can be used for a long time without frequent cleaning and sharpening.


Apart from flawless and precise cutting experience every time, Santoku Kitchen Knife ensures protective layers too. A high-quality Mosaic design with a single rivet attaches the handle and the blade firmly. 

The stainless-steel covering on the blade and Carbon coating increase the durability of the knife to a great extent. All types of corrosion, fading of color are eliminated by this covering.

Perfectly Balanced

The blade and handle weight are balanced in such a way that maximum efficiency is ensured in every cut. This feature makes it convenient for the user to cut everything precisely. 

Besides, it also eliminates all types of finger-ache, numbness, etc. making it easier for the user to work quickly.


  • Hollow edges eliminate food suction and keep the blade clean
  • The perfect balance of the blade and handle makes it more user-friendly
  • Stainless steel and carbon covering make it anti-corrosive non-slippery


  • Difficulties arise while storing due to the large size

Cangshan D Series 59120 

Cangshan D Series 59120 German Steel Forged Chef's...

A kitchen knife with easy using machines that can perform regular tasks flawlessly is considered the best pick. The Cangshan D chef knife can be your regular kitchen companion and can ensure chopping, dicing, cutting, etc. precisely. Some more features make it the best inexpensive chef knife at present.

Premium Blade

The unique design of the blade includes high-quality German coating. This stainless-steel layer makes the blade anti-corrosive and eliminates all types of stickiness. Besides, the edge retention feature allows easy cutting with minimum effort making it convenient for the users.

Safety Mechanism

The handle of the Cangshan Kitchen Knife comes with a curved design for the perfect positioning of fingers. It allows the users to have a secured and firm grip without any types of slipperiness. Besides, the handle and the blade are attached firmly with a triple bolt for the safety of fingers and a comfortable working experience.


  • High-quality German coating increases durability
  • Finger protective mechanism makes it more user-friendly
  • Handcrafted and sharpening makes the blade much stronger compared to other knives


  • Uneven blade surface creates bumping while chopping quickly

Guide to Buy the Best Chef Knife Under $100

After narrowing all the possibilities and showing only the best options, you might still be confused. For this, we have thought of discussing a buying guide to let you know which type to pick.

Safety Mechanism: 

The safety factor of a knife is a top priority. Nothing is dangerous than a dull knife and unsafe sharp knife. Bolster is what that keeps the knife hand from slipping down to the sharper part or blade heel. Some manufacturers offer excellently created non-slip grip knives ensuring the ultimate safety. 

The structure of Dalstrong Gladiator is also an ideal one as it has a shield that doesn’t let your finger slip from handle to the blade. So, do check on the handle and bolster before buying. 

Length Factor:

If you are a house cook, and looking for a knife to start up things then you shouldn’t look for longer knives. Smaller knives are easier to handle to do small works. But while cutting cabbage or something like that, it would be an utmost trouble. 

So, it’s better to go for 8-inch standard size length that ensures the safety as well as comfort of work. For example, Victorinox and Global’s models mentioned here.


As we all know, most of the knives out there are made off stainless steel with extra addition. Here, carbon and chromium addition to the stainless steel, amazingly resists rusting and staining. That is so good that users don’t need to wash the knife again and again. 

Besides the addition of Molybdenum and vanadium increase hardness for sure yet it can be more brittle. Now, the choice is up to you, which one you are choosing to buy. 

FAQs on the Best Chef Knife Under 100

Why Do Many People Prefer Using Chef Knives in Their Kitchen?

A chef’s knife is a versatile knife that offers multi-purpose use in the kitchen. You can use it to mince, slice, and dice any food with ease. It depends on your preferences.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Chef’s Knife?

One of the most important factors is to check the sharpness. It should make a neat slice with ease. Other factors to consider are length, knife material, and the weight of the knife.

Which Is the Best Size for a Chef Knife?

Knives come in various sizes and the same is true for a chef knife. Most of the time, 12-inch blade knives are commonly used by professional chefs, as a beginner, you can always go for an 8-inch blade. One reason to go for an 8-inch blade is that it’s versatile. You can easily handle and use it.

What’s the Shelf Life of a Chef Knife?

If you take care of your chef knife and purchase a high-quality one, it will last for a very long time like 20-30 years! Always make sure to keep your chef knife clean that is the secret of a knife's long life. 

How Do I Sharpen a Chef Knife?

To sharpen your chef knife, you can use a honing steel. It’s a sharpening rod attached to a handle. You need to place the knife blade near the steel base and slide it to sharpen the blade.

Should I Get a Single Chef Knife or a Set of Knives?

It’s your choice! However, knives set come with knives that you may never need to use. On the other hand, a chef knife is a great option, it’s best for multi-purpose use in the kitchen.

How to Maintain a Kitchen Knife?

Always clean it after using it. Never put your kitchen knife in a dishwasher. Don’t soak your kitchen knife in water.

How to Prevent Rusting on a Chef Knife?

Always clean and air dry your knife after using them. Also, never leave your knife standing in water as it can damage and rust the knife in the long run.

Which Material Is the Best for a Kitchen Knife?

If you are looking for durability and rust-resistance, then stainless steel and high carbon steel are your best options!

Are Ceramic Knives Durable?

Yes. High-quality ceramic knives use the latest technology and they are more durable than stainless steel knives! 

Final Thoughts

You can buy kitchen knives in any budget range. That's why your focus should be on picking the best one that fits your budget, not something that is the cheapest and commonly available. 

We hope that we were able to give you the right information about chefs' knives today. So, best of luck in getting a safe, sharp, and durable knife for your cooking.

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