Best Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water

Have you ever thought about how impactful the faucet is in your kitchen? Well, you can't deny that you need to use your faucet more than once every day for cooking and cleaning dishes. But most of us don't really bother too much while picking a faucet despite it being a mandatory part of the kitchen.

Best Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water

Buying any type of faucet in haste might put someone in big trouble, especially if the person's area has water with heavy minerals. In such cases, the best kitchen faucet for hard water is required mostly to use the water properly. 

Hard water can't help you clean anything easily as soap materials don't work fine with heavy minerals. Also, hard water can do some damage to normal faucets. So, today, we are going to review the best options for hard water and other general purposes so that you can know about them and don't buy something without thinking.

There are some features that can make a faucet more preferable than other ones. Before reviewing any product. We have thought of showing those facts.


As the search is for faucets to use hard water in the kitchen, we don't think there is much debate. Stainless steel is the best option here for longevity. A solid stainless steel surface can't get stain or rust marks even after years of consistent use. 

You can use brass or nickel faucets with fine stainless finishing or coating that doesn't allow minerals to jam any inner surface and make any permanent marks outside. But these options are not popular anymore. 

We suggest only stainless steel material or coating in most cases. That is why we are reviewing products like Kraus KPF and Pfister GT529 that have fine stainless steel coating. 


The water release point or tip of the faucet should have a sturdy filtering system to produce water with fewer minerals for users. 

There can be multiple filtering layers inside the main construction. If you can find the best kitchen faucet for hard water, you can see that the structure has one or two filter layers so that the water speed remains normal. Still, water filtering works pretty well. 

It is because of the quality of filtering. Thus, the best options feature the necessary filtration without any extra layer or decreasing the water flow.

Pressure Control

A good faucet can perform two different tasks regarding the water pressure. 

The first one is to generate pressure to feature the required type of spraying. And the second one is to regulate the pressure depending on the user's command on the handle or knob. With these tasks are done consistently, a quality kitchen faucet helps you for quite a long time.

Soap Dispenser

To keep your sink and faucet clean, you can except a soap dispenser.  These days, some faucets are coming with built-in soap dispensers to save users money and labor. 

It is an additional feature that is not mandatory to consider while judging a product. But the result can be better with a pre-installed dispenser while doing chores in the kitchen. Because it keeps the whole sink clean and stops soap wasting.


It's not only about performances. The look and design are also things that manufacturing companies are focusing on. 

The simplest designs are the most elegant ones. But the gloss, finish, and color should be able to fit with common kitchen interiors. Companies are making different variants of the same model for every type of kitchen interior. So, you have the luxury to pick any of the best options and choose the suitable design and color after that.


Good kitchen faucets usually don't come with warranties. Because they can easily last at least half a decade without getting any damage. 

But exception happens. A model with at least six to twelve months of warranty is highly appreciated to recover unexpected failures. Most products we are reviewing today, also feature decent warranty policies.

Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucets

The best options for hard water are a bit stronger in the material than other top-notch ones. Best hard water faucets might also cost you a few bucks extra. But they are truly capable of helping you work in the kitchen despite your area has only hard water in general supply. 

The Moen Genta LX is such a kind of faucet that does everything perfectly without compromising its capability even after years. Similarly, Kohler K99259 does its best for years, but the most fascinating thing about this product is its look. 

Apart from those two, there are some other options out in the market that are worth buying. So, we have worked hard to find such faucets by testing and going through users' opinions. And finally, we can show you ten of the popular options today.

Kohler Artifact Faucet

KOHLER 99259-VS Artifacts Kitchen Faucet, 17.63 x...

If you are looking for more than just a sink that can make your daily kitchen washing more elegant then Kohler K-99259-VS can be the best option. This hard water faucet comes with all the stylish and modern features that give you a supreme kitchen experience.

So, we have summed up some of its aspects that can help you to make a worthy expense and know more about the product.

Multi-functional feature

The K-99259-VS though comes with a single hole sink pipe, it can make your works much easier by its multipurpose usage. Rotating the head, you can get 3 different spray facility making it more functional. BerrySoft Spray gives you a slow and distributed stream. 

The Sweep spray comes with a strong blade wash to remove all dirt and the Aerated spray gives a single water flow to fill up jugs.

Magnetic Docking Feature

The showerhead of the sink can be stretched and used to wash the unreachable places easily. This Pull-down feature of the sink is supported by a magnetic docking system for easy positioning. This feature eliminates sudden drops of the showerhead and makes it more user-friendly. 

Supreme Quality

Kohler K-99259-VS comes with the most premium products and the used heavy duty ensures a long-lasting feature. The anti-corrosion and stainless-resistant sink body make it easier to clean after use. High-quality master clean and shower-head pipe guarantees risk-free to use for its users.


  • 3-style sprayer makes it easier to complete kitchen work flawlessly
  • The magnetic docking feature ensures the secured positioning of the showerhead
  • Premium products ensure high durability and long-lasting features


  • Sometimes water leaks from the side of the showerhead

Moen 7882SRS Genta LX

Moen Genta LX Spot Resist Stainless Single-Handle...

The best way to enjoy kitchen works and to make it efficient is to have a faucet that is installed with all the modern facilities. Moen 7882SRS Genta is considered the best kitchen faucet for its simple and advanced working features. Let’s check out the key characteristics of this product that makes it more useful than others:

Pull-Down Feature

Moen 7883SRS comes with an easy extensive shower head to clean everything easily. The specially featured Reflex Technology of this kitchen faucet ensures easy movement and positioning. This aspect makes it easier to control the water flow making it more user-friendly.

2-Style Spray

One of the best features installed in the Moen 7882SRS is the multiple spraying option. You can control the water flow as well as spraying speed according to need. The slow spray feature can be used to complete daily tasks like washing, filling jugs, etc. 

There is another power boost mode to give a strong water flow and helps to clean dirt, hard water stains, etc. So, the user can use the multipurpose sprayer for multiple uses without any hassle.

Stainless Feature

The supreme product quality and perfect finishing of a stainless-steel covering made the faucet sinks more durable. It has spot-resistant and fingerprint-resistant features which keep the quality of the product intact for a long time. 

It doesn’t matter whether you forget to wipe waters or mistakenly give a sudden scratch, the Moen 7882SRS is anti-spot.


  • Reflex technology ensures easy extension of the Pull-down shower head
  • The Anti-spot feature eliminates all types of scratches and strains of water
  • Multiple spraying modes make it easier for the user to control the water flow


  • The water-flow button is needed to be pushed hard to switch modes

Kraus KPF-1612 Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Chrome

Kraus KPF-1640CH Nola Kitchen Faucet, KPF-1640...

The Kraus KPF-1640CH can be your best kitchen companion. It comes with all the simple and modern features that can make your kitchen works flawless and comfortable. Apart from this, the high-quality materials used for this metal kitchen faucet make maintenance much easier. So, let’s move on to the key features of the product:

All-In-One Feature

The KPF-1640CH comes with the most advanced spray head to make your works much easier. The double coiled sprayer can efficiently give an aerated stream or normal spray. 

It makes regular tasks much smooth. Besides, the temperature and spray speed can be easily controlled with the firmly attached handle. 

Premium Product

The stainless-steel finishing and chrome layer on the sink make the KPF-1640CH anti-corrosive. The spray head has nozzles attached with soft rubber. It eliminates any type of water accumulation in the sprayer and strains due to hard water. The ceramic structured spray head can simply control the water flow by reducing the chances of a water spill. 

Easy to Use

The Pull-Down spray head allows washing and cleaning flawlessly. Another important feature known as 360-rotation helps to wash anything outside the sink. The handle used in the sprayer can be easily switched from one mode to another effortlessly. 

In this way, the temperature and water flow can be controlled efficiently making its mechanism easier.


  • High-quality materials ensure the long-lasting durability of the faucet
  • The 360-rotation technology makes it easier for the user to clean anything effortlessly
  • Multiple water flow modes can make your daily kitchen works easier


  • The extension of the Pull-Down sprayer gets loose after frequent use

American Standard 4175300.002

American Standard 4175300.002 Colony Soft 1 Handle...

Kitchen faucets that can uphold the beauty and style of the whole kitchen can do the half of work. The American Standard is considered the best faucet finish for hard water since it can fight against any type of water and adverse situation.

Let’s check out some more features of the product that will help you in making a worthy expense:

Stylish Design and Performance

This is one of the key features of the American Standard faucet. The stylish silver outlook and stainless covering increase the shininess of the sink. It can fight all types of corrosion, spots, or scratches made from water or kitchen utensils. The brass construction of the sprayer gives a perfect flow of water and ensures high performance.

Multi-Functional Sprayer

The highly built sprayer and brass construction of the faucet surface ensures easy temperature and water speed. In this way, the user can set the desired speed and work efficiently. 

Apart from this, the Pull-Down sprayer with a dual-mode spraying feature can give a satisfactory and convenient washing experience. 

Instant Off-On Mechanism

The American Standard kitchen faucet comes with an advanced Pause Mechanism. It allows the users to shut down water flow instantly if sudden hard water flows. This mechanism also helps the users to have full control over water flow eliminating any types of water spills or wastage.


  • Instant Pause Mechanism ensures the safety feature of the faucet
  • Drip-free performance helps to get the perfect flow of water every time
  • A stainless and shiny structure made the faucet spot-proof and attractive at the same time


  • The nozzle joint gets loose due to frequent pull-out of the sprayer

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

WEWE Single Handle High Arc Brushed Nickel Pull...

Who doesn’t want the best kitchen faucet for well water that can serve multiple purposes? If you are also thinking the same, then the WEWE kitchen faucet can be your best pick. 

Installed with the latest technologies and features, this product can ensure the most stylish and convenient kitchen experience. So, let’s move on to some important aspects of the WEWE kitchen faucet:

Multi-Functional Water Effect

WEWE kitchen faucet comes with a premium quality sprayer that can ensure 3 types of water effect. This feature includes stream water flow, power blade spray, and instant pause. Now the users can manually control the flow of the sprayer and perform kitchen tasks more conveniently. 

Single Handle Mechanism

A single handle is attached to the WEWE kitchen faucet that can serve multiple purposes. The nickel-finished handle can function as a water and temperature controller at the same time. Besides, the instant pause and start technology eliminates the overflow of water. 

Easy Use and Maintenance

The stainless-steel outer body covering of the WEWE Kitchen Faucet ensures a corrosion-free and scratch-proof feature. Apart from this, washing and cleaning of the sink can be done easily. So, the maintenance of the WEWE Kitchen faucet can be done easily as it ensures long-lasting durability.


  • High-Built product quality ensures lifetime usage
  • The single-hand technology makes it easier for the users to control the water effect
  • Stainless steel finishing allows easy cleaning and maintenance of the faucet


  • The sinking plate is not attached to the faucet package which arises difficulties in setup

Delta Faucet Cassidy

Delta Faucet Cassidy Widespread Bathroom Faucet 3...

The best way to perform kitchen tasks conveniently, a kitchen faucet must be installed that has all the modern features. By purchasing the best brass kitchen faucet, you can experience the best washing and cleaning performance. Delta Faucet with a specialized Single-hand mechanism can give you the ultimate experience of convenience and simplicity.

We gathered some more information about this product for your ease during purchasing it:

Smart Docking Feature

The installed magnetic docking in the spray head makes it easier for the users to prevent it from dropping. Apart from this, the strong magnetic mechanism sticks the showerhead to the sink automatically once its work is done. 

So, there is no possibility of sudden drop or damage while using. This feature allows its users to experience a risk-free washing every time.

Advanced Seal Technology

The Diamond finished Seal Technology makes every joint of the kitchen faucet free from leaks. This leakage-free feature of the sink eliminates any type of water spill and rust formation. The pre-installed deck plate comes with a rubber coating to hold the handle and sink perfectly. 

Thus, the user doesn’t have to worry about regular cleaning of the joints and spray head.

User-friendly and Convenient

The Delta Faucet kitchen sink is made with highly durable components and is covered with a stainless brass covering. It allows users to clean the sprayer and sink pipe easily with water only. 

Whether it’s lime or oil from the dishes, the Delta faucet can prevent any type of scratches and spots while cleaning. It ensures convenient and easy handling of the sink.


  • Automatic Magnetic docking holds the spray head to the sink firmly
  • Stainless brash finishing prevents any types of scratches and spots
  • Seal Technology in every joint of the sink eliminates leakage and spilling of water


  • The pull-out handle is hard and creates difficulties in maintaining water flow

Pfister Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

Pfister GT529-FLS Lita Xtract Pull Down Kitchen...

The Pfister GT529-FLS comes with built-in filter technology and other user-friendly features that allow convenient washing and kitchen experience. 

Besides, a premium quality material used for the construction of the sink makes it durable and lifetime use flawlessly. Let’s move on to some more interesting aspects of the Pfister kitchen faucet to make your purchase worthier:

2-in-1 Feature

Unlike regular kitchen faucets, the Pfister GT529-FLS comes with a Filter Technology setup. This feature eliminates extra effort to filtrate the hard water again and again. Now users can directly get filtered water from the pipe. Apart from this, with only a single tap on the handle, you can get maintain the temperature of the water easily.

Easy Installation

This kitchen faucet comes with the easiest installation procedure that allows a user-friendly feature. The 1-Hole setup of the sink ensures easy setup of the kitchen faucet as a single line pipe is used. The 360-degree washing mechanism helps its users to wash kitchen stuffs outside the sink as well.

Multiple Water Effect

Whether you need hot or cold water, the Pfister GT529-FLS makes it easier for you. The multiple water sprayer allows you to use water of any desired temperature flawlessly. 

This feature helps to maintain the water supply uninterrupted in any type of weather making it more suitable and user-friendly compared to other kitchen faucets.


  • Pre-installed filter technology allows freshwater supply effortlessly
  • The water supply of any temperature can be ensured with a single handle
  • The sink package comes with 1-Hole and deck plate for the easy installation of the sink


  • The handle gets harder after frequent uses making it difficult to control temperature


PAKING Drinking Water Faucet, Kitchen Faucet,...

If you are looking for the most stylish and user-friendly kitchen faucet, the PAKING PB1017 can fulfill your demand fully. This sink is also known as the best faucets for hard water that can solve water problems effectively. 

Besides, you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning this sink as it comes with a stainless-steel surface eliminating spots.

Controllable Water Spray

The spray head of PAKING PB1017 is connected with multipurpose water lines. Whether you need to fill jugs, wash veggies, or clean food residue, this kitchen faucet can ensure perfect water control. The independent switch on the spray head and sink helps in easy handling of water flow rate when the sprayer is not connected to the sink.

Smart Filter and Flexibility

The attached filtration mechanism along with the deck plate and sink setup allows pure water supply. It also helps its users to eliminate the hardness of water flawlessly which prevents any type of corrosion or quality damage. The pull-down spray head comes with a 360-degree feature that allows easy washing on all sides of the sink flawlessly.


  • Water flow can be controlled fully with the smart handle on the sink
  • An outer covering on the pull-down portion makes it corrosion-free
  • The attached Filter mechanism enables the availability of pure water efficiently


  • The attached deck plate is small which sometimes results in water spilling

SHACO Antique Single Handle

SHACO Antique Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Oil...

SHACO kitchen faucets are one of the simplest water sprayers that comes with all the innovative features for the convenience of its users. Apart from this, easy installation and multi-functional features make it the best kitchen faucet with highest flow rate. So, let’s check out some more important qualities of this product for your successful purchase:

Smart Spray Head

The sprayer of the SHACO Kitchen Faucet comes with all the latest technologies to make your daily works easier. The Dual Mode Mechanism helps variable water flow for the convenience of the users. Both the stream and spray function help to complete regular washing of fruits and stickiness from plates flawlessly.

Limitless Washing Feature

The pull-down sprayer comes with an extra extended hose compared to other faucets. It enables easy washing at every corner of the sink. Also, the 360-degree configuration of the faucet gives access to cleaning all over the sink. 

Whether the water flow is slow or high, the SHACO kitchen faucet prevents spilling greatly making it easier to use. 

Highly Durable

The stainless-steel shiny surface of the sink ensures an anti-corrosive and spotless feature. Apart from this, a ceramic disc is used in the valve to eliminate rust or strain formation due to hard water. This feature ensures easy maintenance and long-lasting product quality to perfection.


  • Stainless body and ceramic valve ensure intact quality by eliminating corrosion
  • The extra-long hose gives access to easy washing beyond the sink
  • Dual Mode Technology in the faucet makes it more convenient for the users to wash


  • Water leakage may be observed from the faucet joint

VAPSINT 360 Degree Swivel

VAPSINT 360 Degree Swivel Modern Brushed Nickel...

VAPSINT Kitchen faucet can give you the simplest kitchen experience. It ensures the easiest and most user-friendly features that can help you to complete your kitchen tasks more conveniently. There are some more interesting features of this product that can make your kitchen faucet the center of attraction in your kitchen.

360-Degree Mechanism

This feature makes the VAPSINT kitchen faucet more suitable to use since the user can wash anything all around the sink. The firmly attached faucet sprayer can control the uninterrupted flow of water maintaining its rate of flow. 

The high defined precious arc angle ensures flawless water flow and eliminates spilling or splashing while cleaning.

Anti-Corrosive Feature

The stainless-steel copper coating on the outside surface of the faucet and inner valve makes it corrosion-free and scratch-proof at the same time. The Nickel Brush coating on the inner hose joints and faucet prevents all types of stains and spots made from hard water. This feature keeps the quality of your sink intact and makes it durable.


  • The 360-degree mechanism ensures limitless washing effortlessly
  • The Ceramic disc and Nickel brush covering eliminates corrosion and spots
  • Precise arc angle maintains controlled water supply without splashing


  • No deck plate is provided in the package making it difficult to set up the sink

Buying Guide to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

If you buy the best kitchen faucet for your home then it can ensure easy completion of your daily kitchen tasks. A stylish and modern technology installed kitchen sink can make your kitchen more attractive and your utensils clean. 

So, it is very important to have a clear idea about the aspects that are needed to keep in mind while selecting a kitchen faucet for your home. For this reason, we have summed up a buying guide mentioning those features that will ensure you the best kitchen experience:

Simple Design

The first thing that must be observed is the simplicity in design. A simple construction mechanism of the kitchen faucet gives you more user-friendly facilities. Light-weight and single-hand technology should be preferred while choosing the kitchen faucet. In this case, the American Standard kitchen faucet is perfect for every due to its user-friendly design.

Buying too large or too small a sink will create problems while washing. So, the size and design should be perfect to ensure comfortable working.

Surface Covering

The outer covering of the kitchen faucet must be layered with stainless-steel copper. This will make your sink and sprayer anti-corrosive and scratch-proof. In this way, the quality of the kitchen faucet can be maintained for a long time. In our list, Moen Genta LX has a good stainless top surface that ensures maximum longevity among the top-rated options. 

Besides, the inner valve and joint must be rubber or nickel coated to prevent water accumulation or strains from hard water. The performance might drain due to jamming or other issues if the inner construction is not sustainable enough. 


One of the most important features of the kitchen faucet is the functions of a handle. The best option that must be picked for a comfortable kitchen experience is to buy a Single-Handle faucet. From the above faucet list, the WEWE Kitchen Faucet comes with best multifunctional handle. 

The Single-handed option helps to change the water flow and temperature easily. Only 1-tap technology can give you easy access to control washing. 


A multitasking sprayer will make your kitchen works easier and convenient. A kitchen faucet that comes with different modes of water flow must be purchased for a better result while washing. 

Stream, pause, and power boost modes can serve multi-purpose performance. The Pull-down feature must be ensured to ensure the best kitchen experience.

Final Thoughts

You can't change a kitchen faucet frequently. It takes plenty amount of time, hard work, and budget to replace your old one. 

That is why if it is time to change the older faucet set on your kitchen sink with a new one, you have to target something that can last more than half a decade. 

Today's discussion guides a person to the right type of faucet according to demands in dense mineral water conditions. You can either pick one from our list or go through the buying guide to find one by yourself. The choice is up to you.

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