5 Types of Bread Slicing Guide for Your Kitchen

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t slice those lovely bread loaves for breakfast? And even if you end up slicing them, you’ll find that those slices aren’t equal. Hence, if you’re facing this kind of problem, you’ll need to invest in a bread slicing guide. 

This essential kitchen tool works at providing even and smooth cuts to a loaf of bread. Not only this, but the machine also works at catching the crumbs too. 

Before purchasing any bread slicer, we think you should use this kitchen tool. Because it will assist you to understand which one you should choose. 

5 Types of Bread Slicing Guide

There are different types of bread slicing guides available in the market. However, more options create more confusion. If you know about the types and their features, then choosing them won’t be much of an issue. 

Bread Slicing Guide for Electric Knife

The electric bread slicers are effective at ensuring perfect cuts without efforts. You’ll just have to turn in power, and the knife will do the rest of the job.

Here, the rotating blades cut off one slide at a time. 

On the other hand, you can use any bread through this cutter. Moreover, you can put in loaves of bread of different thicknesses through it. And guess what? The cutter will still be able to cut them equally. 

When selecting different thicknesses, make sure you’re updating the settings. The drawback of electric bread cutters is, it doesn’t maintain consistency all the time. That means you won’t be able to produce equal slices at the same speed.

You may ask- “Is it worth it to invest in an electric bread cutter?” 

Well, the answer to that question depends on your usage. This means that if you’re occasionally baking, you won’t necessarily need this in your kitchen.

However, if you’re running a business where you’ll have to serve bread all the time, you need this. Here, the main advantage of an electric bread cutter is, it’ll help fasten the workload. And you won’t need a hand to do it.

Manual Bread Cutting Guide

Another type of bread cutting guide is the manual cutting guide. From the name, you’ll get an idea about the functionality of the cutting guide. And, if you don’t have the idea, then let me tell you how it works.

Basically, you’ll need to place the loaf of bread on the side, so they don’t crumble. After that, apply little pressure and start slicing the bread back-forth. Remember to always use force in the downward direction. 

In the end, there’s one drawback of the manual bread slicing guide that you should know. And that is the incapability of the slicer to produce at a fast pace. As you’ll have to work using your hands all the time, you can’t create bulk projects faster.

Thus, if you slice bread in your kitchen occasionally, you can go with it. If you’re running a business where you’ll have to serve bread more, then it’s time to invest in an electric slicer.

Plastic Bread Slicers

Looking for an affordable option? Then, you’ll love the plastic bread slicing guides. They’re easy to clean, and some are even safe from dishwashers. 

But there are disadvantages of plastic slicers too. Starting, the design and build quality of the bread slicer won’t feel premium. And, they’re known for making unnecessary cuts all over the place. So, you’ll need to consider these factors before buying one. 

Wooden Bread Slicer

If you want aesthetics and durability in your kitchen, then you’ll love this option. The wood bread slicers are known to have a great design of their own. As a result, this design complements the decor of your kitchen.

It has a stable build quality, won’t break down easily, and has toughness. However, they’re a bit pricey, to begin with. And, they’re not as easy to clean as you think.

Bamboo Bread Slicing Guide

Let’s introduce you to the last type of bread slicer- the bamboo bread slicer. Whether you’re looking for good looks or reliable build quality, the bread slicing guide has it all. 

To take things to the next level, you’ll love the fact that these slicers are affordable. But, there is one problem with this option. If you’re using this for heavy use, keep in mind that they can let go of some splinters.

FAQs on Bread Slicing Guide

Question 1: How can I slice a loaf of bread perfectly? 

Answer: Firstly, place the loaf and preserve its shape so that it doesn’t crumble. After that, put pressure downwards and start slicing. However, don’t put in much pressure.

Question 2: What’s the best amazon bread slicing guide? 

Answer: The “foldable premium bamboo bread slicer” is the best one on amazon. 

Question 3: Why do I squash the bread down while cutting it? 

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to squash the bread down while cutting. So, don’t put in much pressure on the bread at the time of cutting it. We recommend cutting cold bread as its more comfortable to cut through. Just make sure you’re not slicing through warm bread since its easier to squash.

Question 4: Is it possible to slice bread using a meat slicer? 

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to slice a loaf of bread using a meat slicer. 

Question 5: How should I sharpen a bread knife?

Answer: Invest in a knife sharpener, and you can sharpen your bread knives using it.

Question 6: Why do people put towels over their bread? 

Answer: The towel is usually put over the bread to ensure that the dough doesn’t dry out. Moreover, it keeps off the dust as well. 

Question 7: How much does a knife set cost? 

Answer: A knife set tends to cost around $50-$90. So, you’ll have to buy them according to your budget. 

Question 8: Are meat slicers worth it? 

Answer: Yes, meat slicers can be used on different things in the kitchen. Whether you want to cut fruits, veggies, or bread, the slicer can slice it all. So, it’s crucial for your kitchen.

Final Words on Bread Slicing Guide

Lastly, it depends on whether you need a plastic or a bamboo bread slicer for yourself. A bread slicing guide can make your life a lot easier.  

They are pretty inexpensive, and you can find them almost everywhere. You can even whip up a DIY bread slicing guide as they can perform the same function. So what are you waiting for? 

Go out and buy one!

If you have any further queries, feel free to ask by commenting below.

Have a Great Day!

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