How To Use a Burger Press- Kitchen Decanted

Do you want to get rid of the pre-made burgers?  Do you like to save money and better health? Do you have time to wait for a burger from a shop? The answer from the wise peoples will not favor all the questions. So, if you do not like to spoil your money, health, and time, then I have a magic instrument to make burgers by remaining at home. Yes, the use of a burger press to make the burger at home will save you from a lot of issues.

After clearing the task, the next step is to provide the detail to use a burger press to make burgers. Do not worry; it is not a big deal for the ages of a person in society. Furthermore, the cost of the burger press is also reachable to everyone. So, come the point to get the detail of all the steps for making own burger.

What is the burger press?

Burger press provided the specific shape to the patties and burgers. It has consisted of two sides, one is upper, and the 2nd is lower. You have to put the mixture of patties and the burger into it to get the required design. Furthermore, press the upper side using the handlebars until you get the specified result for you.

What is the purpose of Burger Press?

The main goal of the burger press is to give the real shape to the burger. It is not a headache to use because of simplicity. You have to press it after putting the material into it. I suggest preferring aluminum’s input for making the burger press because of more reliable than the others.


No one would like to purchase it without knowing the benefits of the burger press. So, here is the help of the burger press that will attract you towards it.

  • It provides a uniform shape to the entire piece.
  • You can get a smooth size and shape.
  • It is suitable for making burgers as well as for other purposes also.
  • The burger press does not have much weight.

How to make a burger from the burger press?

I am providing a recipe for only four burgers at home. You can increase or decrease the number as per the size of the facility. All the ingredients will remain the same, but quantity change. Here are the steps for making a burger at home.

  • Get the minced meat of 500 grams (Half Kg).
  • The 2nd step is to choose the required flavor for you like the peppers, chilies, spices, garlic, onion, herbs and others.
  • Take some breadcrumbs and an egg.
  • Mixed all the material by the use of a beater.
  • Now make four parts of the mixture of the same quantity.
  • Put one from all the four into the burger press and pressed it.
  • You have to repeat 3 more times for the remaining mixtures.
  • Now your burger is ready, and you can serve it to the four members, including you.
  • Use sauces for extra spicy.

I am assured that you got the description to reach the goal of using a burger press. There is not any complicated process for you.

Can we make another burger instead of beef?

Yes, why not? You can prepare any burger like the chicken, vegetables by using the appropriate burger. There is no restriction over the burger press. But, most of the people only used it for beef minced. Simultaneously, the best benefit of it is to avail of the facility for fish burgers.

What is the maximum size of the burger press?

You can check the size of the burger press by visiting the official site online. If you want to purchase it manually, then go to the market and inquire about the minimum and maximum size.

Mostly, the burger’s size that makes through it is up to the 4.25 inches, which is a good one. In my opinion, do not exceed or decrease it for a better quality of the burger.

How to make patty from burger press?

If you got the experience to make the burger from the burger press, it is not a problem to prepare the patty. Both of these have some method. There is just a slight difference between them. Here is some step to adopt for making patty. I hope you will get the real answer to why you should use the burger press to make a patty?

  1. Compute the weight of the meat and split into different pieces.
  2. Now use the paper of parchment to get the design for you.
  3. Put the measured meat into the press.
  4. Now press it as you can maximum.
  5. Open the burger press and find the patty.
  6. Do it three times for three patties.

Buying Guide for Burger Press

It is mandatory to know all the detail of the material used in the production of the product. So, I have picked the main four prominent points to help the buyer choose the burger press better.

  • Input Material

Always picked that piece that has high-quality material. I suggest selecting the appliance of aluminum material. We cannot ignore the best input of plastic also. These are the significant parts to check before to finalize.

  • Easy to Clean

The 2nd pints, which is to discuss compulsory, is the cleaning features. You must have a check that is it easy to clean it after using by using anti-bacterial liquid or any other. 

  • Prefer to Non-Stick

A non-stick burger press is also available in the market. So, after knowing the complete information and detail, I liked to pick the piece, which is non-stick. It reduced the time and prevented you from any other addition to the burger. Moreover, non-stick products are more durable and reliable.

  • Easiness

The final feature before to pay for the product is to check the handle of the burger press. It must be of plastic due to the absorb of heat in iron or steel more. So, it is less conduction of heat.

Final words

I tried my best to give you the right information about the burger press. So, the problem of using the burger press will solve very quickly after reading the content. It has multiple purposes at the same time as you can use it for making burgers and producing the patties at home. So, I would like to ask you to use the burger press option rather than waste the money and precious time outside. Last Of all If you are interested in how to use a burger press Then this will be helped. Thanks, and enjoy it.

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