Best Homemade Charcoal Grill Design

This content step by step describes the Homemade Charcoal Grill Design. Thousands of years ago people on Earth had the only choice to eat meat by grilling them on fire. This process of preparing food that is originated from thousand years ago still is a very very much interesting way of cooking methods for all.

homemade charcoal grill design

Each of us loves the smoky taste which we can only get by grilling meat using a charcoal grill or anything like that. This particular test cannot be found or be duplicated by any other process that we use while cooking. This particular thing is certified by various food coryphaeus.

Grilling meat is a video of cooking by using a huge amount of heat from burning coal directly to the raw meat. The temperature can exceed more than 500 degrees during this process of cooking.

You can buy a charcoal grill from the market that will cost between $30 to $3000 or more. But if you know the procedure of making homemade grill, then you don’t have to spend that much money to enjoy mouth watering food with your friends at your backyards of your home.

You just can make a cheap charcoal grill by your own easily at your home. This particular article is to help you with the new ideas about the procedure of making homemade charcoal grill.

Below we are going to discuss about easiest charcoal grill.

Best Homemade Charcoal Grill Design

1. Easy charcoal grill


  • A big size baking pan or lasagne pan
  • Cooling racks or Grill grate
  • Coals


This is the easiest homemade charcoal grill that is made with disposable materials. If you are out with your friends and having a picnic then this process is going to help you a lot because of the easiness of this process. All you have to do is buy a baking pan or lasagne pan and take a grill great or a cooling rack. You must need some coals to burn your meat.

Easy charcoal grill

Now put some charcoals into the pan and put that grill grate on it and you are ready for grilling. Just put fire on the charcoal so that it burns and can generate heat to the meats.

However, you will get best result if you are grilling lighter weight meat portions or sausages. After you are done, you just wash the cooling rack to use further and throw the baking pan away to the dustbin.

2. Charcoal grill with terracotta pot


  • A terracotta pot
  • Grill grate
  • Coal


This sounds very interesting to grill meat portions in a terracotta pot. Using a terracotta pot is one of the easiest ways of homemade grilling. You just need a terracotta pot of any size. But if you take a bigger one, then it will be easy for you to have better results.

Then put some charcoals into it and fill half of the pot. After that, put the grill grate on top of it. You are now ready to start grilling sausages or meat portions.

Charcoal grill with terracotta pot

This one has an extra bonus for you. That is, you can put a lid on top of the pot to have barbecue. This one is really an easy grilling and easy barbecue making process you can choose. After you’re done, you can re use the pot for other things or planting flowers as well.

3. Granite Charcoal Grill at home


  • Granite slabs
  • Little amount of cement
  • Tool kit
  • Epoxy glue
  • Mason Bricks
  • A Heat Resistance table


First of all, you need to have some granite slabs cut off so that you can put them in shapes. Gather the granite slabs and use epoxy glue to stick them together so that you can form them in a square or a rectangle shape. After that put some mason bricks inside it and create a layer by gluing the bricks to each other with cement. You can make the cement coloured to have a better look. After your finished you will have a layer of bricks that is made to give you a heat-resistant outside.

Granite Charcoal Grill at home

Now you should put this grill on a heat resistant table that can easily be moved in places. Take it to your backyard and place it to a suitable place.

Now your professional looking charcoal grill design is ready for grilling. Now put charcoals into it and put the grill grate on top of it. This is ready now to burn those delicious meat portions.

4. Personal Melamine Grilling Pieces


  • Melamine Bowls
  • Grill grates
  • Coals


Take some big size melamine bowl. If you don’t have some big, you can take mediums. Put charcoals into each of the melamine bowls. Fill half of the bowls and put small grill grates on top of each bowls. This is an unique way of serving. Each of the members will grill by their own. Everyone will definitely enjoy their personal grill. Put fire on the coal in every bowl and then put the meat portions on the grates. A little while to Grill each of the meat portions. If you go for sausages then it will do faster.

Personal Melamine Grilling Pieces

Grilled meats by the personal grill with cocktails will definitely turn on the party in your backyard. Gossip with your buddies when they are making their smoky meats with their personal melamine bowl grill. You can also suggest them to put an earthen lid on top of the bowl to have a different taste of barbecue.

5. Circular or rectangular pit on your backyard


  • A shovel
  • Keystones
  • Cement
  • Grill grate
  • Coals


To have this particular charcoal grill design, you should have a backyard. If you have one, then go there answer light export that is suitable to build a circular or a rectangular pit there. Make a circle if you want is circular one or make a rectangle on the ground if you want a rectangular pit. I will choose a circular one.

Circular or rectangular pit on your backyard

If you have OCD then you can have a perfect circle or you don’t have one then you will not mind a little bit of imperfection. Dig a little into the circle with your shovel. Then put bricks on the merge of the hole in a circular shape and meant for gluing them together. Now your shape is ready. Put some charcoals and fill half of the hole and then put the grate on top of it.

Now you have your homemade grill ready.

Start grilling and enjoy the taste with your friends at dinner.


Using the charcoal grill, we make some of the most delicious meals we regularly have. This mouth-watering meal can easily be made at home by following those processes mentioned above. But you need to keep some cautions in your mind as you should never place your charcoal grill near tree branches, you should keep them away from children’s, use safety gloves, etc.

Those were some of the easiest ways of homemade grill design and they are very much cost-efficient ideas also. You can use any of the processes and designs for a perfect barbecue. So start grilling in your backyard and enjoy the tasty meal with your friends and families.

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