Best Tea Kettle for Glass Top Stove

You can brew your tea or boil water faster in a glass top stove with the right kettle made for that purpose than when using traditional kettles that are not fitted for glass stovetops. You will also find different types of tea kettles made for other heat sources such as electric or gas, and some that are suitable for all heat sources. In this review, we have the best tea kettle for glass top stove that you can choose from if you are looking for one.

Best Tea Kettle for Glass Top Stove

Tea kettles for glass top stove can be used to prepare tea and to boil water in the glass stovetops. They are made of different materials including glass, stainless-steel, and aluminum. They also come in different designs and capacities hence you need to get the right choice that can help you boil your water or tea faster without stress.

When choosing a tea kettle for your glass top stove, you need to be wary of many things that are essential considerations. This will help you buy a product that will serve your needs as per your expectations. In that regard, you should check the following:

Material of the tea kettle 

Material quality is something that always pops up when it comes to products. You need to know the type of material that makes up your tea kettle. While some materials are attractive, they may not be durable. 

Some of the materials to look for when choosing a tea kettle for glass stovetop include glass, aluminum, and stainless-steel. For durability, you can choose the one made from stainless-steel material, but if you are for the elegance, glass would be an option. 

The advantage that comes with stainless-steel kettles is the capacity to retain heat for longer than aluminum and glass. For aluminum, it is lightweight and portable, and for glass, it is transparent and you can view your contents while boiling. 

Size of the kettle

The other thing to check when it comes to getting the best tea kettle is the size. You need to check the capacity of your kettle to ensure that it is enough for your needs. They come in different sizes and rated in fluid ounces or liters, or quarts.

Ability to serve other uses

You may want to use your tea kettle for other things as well. This will enable you to get the right kettle that you can use with your glass stovetop or with electric or gas. 

Ease of cleaning

There is also an aspect of cleaning your kettle after use. You should check the components of your tea kettle whether they can be cleaned in a dishwasher machine or not. The one that comes with its components being dishwasher safe would be the best choice since it is easy to clean. 

Base and induction

The base of the glass stoves is made differently and you need to get one that is best suited for your stove. The base also determines the efficiency since the heat transfer is maximized with large bases than in small base kettles.

What is the Best Tea Kettle for Glass Top Stove?

This would be difficult to answer but with the comparison of the products below, we found out that Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle is the best overall kettle with best features and performance and POLIVIAR Stove Top Tea Kettle is the best runners up based on the reviews, ratings, and features that we compared of the products that we have on the list.

Top 10 Best Tea Kettle for Glass Top Stove

Now we have the best tea kettles list that comes with products from different brands and each with its unique features and specs. Go through the list and make your comparison before buying the kettle of your choice.

Kitchen Kite Glass Tea Kettle Stove Top

Kitchen Kite Glass Tea Kettle as the name puts is a kettle made of glass and with its advantages. One of the advantages that come with this kettle is that you can view your contents while boiling without the need to open it.


With this Kitchen Kite Glass Tea Kettle, you can microwave your tea in the kettle for faster warming when you don’t need to open your top stove. This makes the kettle convenient and useful for its function. Therefore, this stovetop safe glass tea kettle is ideal for any kitchen.

Dishwasher safe components

The parts of the kettle are dishwasher safe and that means you can put them in a dishwasher for faster cleaning. That makes cleaning Kitchen Kite Glass Tea Kettle a breeze. Of course, you can also clean the kettle manually by hand. 

Other heat sources

This glass tea kettle also works with other heat sources apart from the top stove heat. In this case, you can use it in any setting that includes gas or electric heat source tops. This feature makes the kettle useful and convenient for any kitchen.


  • Delivers effortlessly and faster
  • All components are dishwasher safe and cleanup is easy
  • High-quality and food-grade stainless-steel infuser
  • Features a spout for easy pouring
  • Comes with four double-wall cups
  • Microwavable


  • The cups are a bit clumsy and difficult to use

POLIVIAR Stove Top Tea Kettle

POLIVIAR Stove Top Tea Kettle is suitable for all heat sources whether glass top stove, electric, or gas. Therefore, if you are looking for a glass stovetop tea kettle that also works with other heat sources, then this brand is recommendable.


This kettle is just suitable for any kitchen and family needs. It comes with a capacity of 2.1-quart and is thus the right choice for home use. of course, there are other capacities of similar type and you may also choose a 2.7-quart capacity of the same. 

Durable construction

POLIVIAR Stove Top Tea Kettle is made from high-quality stainless-steel and electroplated to make it last for long. The quality of the materials used to make this kettle is what keeps it against rust and corrosion and making it a long-lasting kettle you can ever get. 

Anti-heat handle

The other thing that makes POLIVIAR Stove Top Tea Kettle one of the best in the market is the handle that does not conduct heat. That makes it cool even when the kettle is hot hence comfortable to handle at all times.


  • Comfortable to handle with an anti-hot handle
  • Does not rust or corrode
  • Loud alert whistle for stress free boiling
  • Suitable for most heat sources
  • 9-inch-wide base to make it cook faster
  • Lighter material makes it portable


  • The lid is difficult to remove

Chef’s Secret Stovetop Tea Kettle

This awesome stovetop tea kettle is what you need to add to your kitchen. It comes with good design with wide base hence makes it work faster when boiling your kettle contents. Chef’s Secret Stovetop Tea Kettle is the best whistling kettle that can alert you when the contents are ready.

Thermal conductivity

When it comes to maintaining the temperature of the kettle contents, this technology and craftsmanship works to keep the contents hot for a while. Unlike other materials, this one is made of 4-layered and high-quality T-304 stainless steel and that gives it the ability to retain heat. 

Modern and stylish

If you are looking for modern kitchen kettle, Chef’s Secret Stovetop Tea Kettle is the choice that is made with uniqueness and style. The kettle, therefore, looks elegant and good for any kitchen.


Chef’s Secret Stovetop Tea Kettle comes with a good capacity of 2.75 quart hence is good enough for brewing. It is, therefore, an ideal choice for any kitchen whether small or large family.


  • Retain heat for long
  • Durable construction with high-quality materials
  • Heats faster and evenly
  • Modern and stylish for modern kitchens
  • Heat-resistant handle for comfortable handling
  • Loud whistle for alerting when the boiling is done


  • It is a bit difficult to get the water out

All-Clad E86199 Stovetop Tea Kettle

All-Clad E86199 kettle is compatible with all cooktops and hence a good addition for all kitchens. It looks elegant with iconic design that also makes it good for performance. This brand is highly versatile and is useful for boiling water and brewing your tea.

Whistle alert

The whistle alert feature, like in most stovetop tea kettles are the best for alerting when the contents are ready. This will make boiling stress free since you can continue with other tasks while your tea is brewing. 


Anyone would want a kettle that is safe to use. You don’t want to get one that can spill some hot liquid when pouring. For that matter, it is always easy to pour liquid with an All-Clad E86199 kettle and does not spill or splash.


  • Faster and easy to use
  • High-polished surface makes it easy to clean
  • Secure and comfortable handle
  • Whistle alert for stress free brewing
  • Compatible with all the cooktops


  • The inside of the kettle may rust

Cuisinart Aura Stovetop Tea Kettle

This Cuisinart Aura Stovetop Tea Kettle is an efficient tea kettle that comes with great design and a comfortable handle. It is easy to use when pouring contents and comes handy with whistles that alerts when the brew is ready. That makes Cuisinart Aura Stovetop Tea Kettle reliable and good for any kitchen.

Material construction

When it comes to material design, Cuisinart Aura Stovetop Tea Kettle comes with an all stainless-steel polished exterior hence looks stylish and modern. The other thing with the material is that it integrates the non-reactive interior making it corrosion and rust-resistant. It is no doubt that this kettle is durable and will last long. 


Cuisinart Aura Stovetop Tea Kettle is an ideal choice for home use. It comes with 2-quart capacity and is also good for office brewing. This capacity is also good for personal use if you want a small kettle that is easy to manage.


  • Safe and comfortable handle
  • It is easy to use and to pour out contents
  • Comes with a whistle alert for signaling when boiling is done
  • Polished stainless-steel exterior looks elegant and stylish for any kitchen
  • The interior is non-reactive and corrosion resistant


  • Maybe too small for a large family

Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle

Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle looks elegant and stylish in design and comes with 1.8-quart capacity hence ideal for home or office use. This kettle also comes with a whistle to give you a convenience to do other duties while waiting for the signal.

Suits all cooktops

If you want the best tea kettle that can work on all heat source stovetops, Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle is the right way to go. It features enamel on steel material and with magnetic carbon steel. The materials used to make it also work to make the kettle easy to clean. 

Interior lining s

The interior parts of Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle are lined with enamel for better performance and also to enhance the durability of the kettle. This feature works to resist mineral buildup and hence making it good for performance at all times.


  • Even heat conduction with a wide base for faster boiling
  • Works on all stove tops including the induction ones
  • Harmonica whistle that signals with a song
  • Durable enamel interior construction
  • Extra-large opening for easy cleaning


  • The metal handle may become hot hence can cause handling discomfort

Sotya Modern Tea Kettle

Sotya Modern Tea Kettle looks attractive in design and is a good choice for budget as well. If you want the best teapot for glass top stove and other heat sources, this brand is a great option. There is so much to boast with this wonderful tea kettle including the thumb-press spout among other valuable features.


This kettle boasts of large capacity and beats most brands in many aspects as well. Sotya Modern Tea Kettle comes with 3-liter capacity and hence is a large option for large families and for office use. Therefore, if you are looking for a large tea kettle, this is the choice to make. 


This kettle features a comfortable grip handle that makes Sotya Modern Tea Kettle easy to use. However, the handle is metallic and made of stainless-steel and that means it can get hot when the kettle is heated and you may need to get extra-padding when removing it after heating.


  • Different colors available
  • Clear whistle that is audible for convenience brewing
  • Large capacity to suit large families
  • Durable construction that can last long
  • Easy to fill and to pour out contents


  • Stainless-steel handles can get hot when heated

Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle

This is the most affordable teakettle that you can have on the market. Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle is designed with stainless-steel material and is a durable kettle that can serve for years. Therefore, you need to make this an addition for your kitchen.


Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle is made of quality materials and the design is just wonderful. You have the stylish click with this teakettle and the red finish adds some style into it. There is also a flip-up spout cover that also makes Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle easy to use and safe. 


When it comes to handling, Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle is one of the choices you will handle with comfort. The handles do not get hot after heating and that is the comfort you need for easy handling and use of this excellent kettle.


  • Cool comfortable handles for easy operation
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Medium 2.2-quart capacity hence suitable for home or office use
  • Whistle signal to alert when the boiling is done
  • Safe and easy to pour out its contents


  • It is not dishwasher safe and can only be washed by hand

Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle

This teakettle comes with a large base and that makes it faster to boil the contents. Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle is suitable for use with all the heat sources and hence one of the best tea kettles for glass top stove on the market.


Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle comes with 1.7-quart capacity and that is ideal for home use. It is also good for offices that want to brew their tea for breakfast. With this capacity, you have the right appliance for your family brewing needs. 

Material design

On the design, Le Creuset Enamel Tea Kettle features heat-resistant handles and hence is comfortable to use. The handle as you can see on the image is big enough and thus safe to use since it also offers secure grip. With the removable round lid, there is no hassle when filling our pouring out your tea or boiled water.


  • Large secure grip handle for comfortable handling
  • Round lid for easy pouring and filling of water or tea
  • Can be used with all heat sources
  • Enamel coated steel to enhance the durability of the kettle
  • Fixed whistle for alerting when the contents are ready
  • Large base for even boiling


  • It can rust if not taken care of
  • Not suitable for a dishwasher machine

OXO Brew Brushed Tea Kettle

This is one of the best tea kettles with non-stick interior coating hence do not rust. The other benefit with the material construction for this OXO Brew Brushed Tea Kettle is that it lasts for long. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable teakettle that does not rust easily, then OXO brand is the way.


This product looks modern and stylish in a traditional accent. It is attractive in design and can blend with any room décor hence a good addition for any kitchen. If you love some style, this unique and well-brushed kettle is a recommended option. 

Heat safe handle

The other thing with OXO Brew Brushed Tea Kettle is the comfort to which you can handle it. The product features a silicone touch handle that does not get hot after or when boiling. That makes it comfortable to use, and to pour water or tea when it boils.


  • Whistle to alert when the water boils
  • Large cover lid to make it easy to fill the contents for boiling
  • Silicone handles to offer cool and comfortable handling
  • The large round lid also makes cleaning easy
  • Looks attractive and modern
  • Made of stainless-steel outer and non-stick interior coating


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The water can sputter out of the spout when it boils if filled to capacity

How to Choose the Best Tea Kettle for Glass Top Stove?

There is no shortcut in selecting the best tea kettle for glass stovetop without considering the budget, performance of the kettle, the capacity that it can carry, suitability for use with other heat sources, and the material construction being the main considerations.

Best budget

Your budget is what determines the kettle that you are going to pick. Whether it is ceramic stovetop kettle or glass stovetop one, you need to consider your budget. Some of the cheapest and the best kettles on this list include Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle and Sotya Modern Tea Kettle. They are both good for a limited budget. 

Best performance

On performance, Mr. Coffee Claredale Tea Kettle is also a good choice since it comes with excellent features and with a good size as well. The handle is excellent and comfortable, and the base is wide hence heats the contents faster. 

Based on capacity

When choosing based on size or capacity, there is no doubt that Sotya Modern Tea Kettle comes with a large size of 3 liters and hence is good for big families. The size also makes it suitable for office brewing. 

Material construction

There are different materials that make up tea kettles and that include glass, ceramic, and stainless-steel. If you want the best glass choice, Kitchen Kite Glass Tea Kettle is the best option for you. For stainless-steel, there are many options to choose, and for ceramic, you have Chantal Enamel Tea Kettle

Suitability for different heat sources

There are so many kettles on the list that you can use with different heat sources. You need to confirm whether your kettle is the best for gas, electric, or any other source that you may want to use with.

Glass vs Stainless Steel Kettle

As we mentioned before, different tea kettles come with different materials in their design. They are made to suit different tastes of different people while offering value when it comes to brewing tea and even boiling water in the glass top stove, gas, or electric heat sources. 

Let’s compare the two kettles. Of course, you know what glass looks like and what stainless looks like from the outward appearance.

Glass kettle

Glass kettles look modern and elegant and are good when serving the contents. They are also good in that you can see its contents when boiling and there is no need to open the lid. That makes it easy to use and to monitor your brewing or boiling water. 

The other advantage that comes with glass kettles is that they don’t rust like in the case of metallic kettles. That makes glass kettles safe and hygienic at all times. In addition, they are easy to clean due to their smooth surfaces. 

The disadvantage with a glass kettle stove is that they can easily break. In case of a slight mistake, they may break since they are highly fragile. 

Stainless steel kettle

Stainless steel kettles are durable as compared to glass types. You don’t need to worry about getting broken when they fall. They are not fragile like glass. 

Well finished stainless-steel kettles look elegant, shiny, and sleek hence good for modern kitchens. The color of stainless-steel material also makes them blend well with most kitchen décor. 

Stainless-steel kettles are also lighter in weight than glass. They are also lighter than cast iron and that makes them highly portable and easy to manage. 

The disadvantages that come with stainless-steel kettles is that you cannot view the contents that are inside when boiling. The other disadvantage is that the kettle’s body can get hot when the contents inside are hot.


You can now make your choice with peace of mind knowing that you are choosing the best tea kettle for a glass top stove that can serve you well in your kitchen. Don’t be hesitant if you find the right choice that matches your budget and specifications. You have all that you need on the list, and all with different specs and features to give you a variety of options.

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