How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them?

How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

A lot of people remained worried about the dirty cabinets after some years. They do not know how to update these by facing a significantly smaller cost. We see that we want to change the complete setup of the cabinets and then be ready for the maximum budget to do it. But do not worry, I am here to tell you how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them to minimize the cost. Please, do not skip any line for the complete description. Let’s start with some main things.

how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

One of the best techniques to make the kitchen very clean is the reputable DIY paint kits. Furthermore, the use of the beautiful new hardware also made the cooking room very attractive. Here are the points that will help you to keep the cabinets update at a lower price.

The Glass Doors

The change of the glass doors will alter the complete look of the kitchen. No matter if you do not have a maximum budget to replace all of these, you can replace just a few from the whole. A single replacement will leave an impact on the entire accessories of the kitchen. Most of the time, the first eye always on the glasses of the kitchen cabinets. Furthermore, for a minimum price, you can use the plexiglass. That is cheap than all the others.

The Finishing of Cabinets

Did you paint the cabinet of the kitchen? If not, then do be late. It is magic to give a new look in the cooking area. White and grey colors are the best choice to use in the painting of cabinet windows. Furthermore, you can also mix the Soto touch up paint for the more significant result that is an incredible option for making more beauty.

The color of the paint would be select on the requirement of the kitchen. When you purchase the paint for the kitchen painting, always prefer the light ones rather than the stained because the light color will create more air space by looking.

You have to adopt the DIY project before taking any step. You must into account that does not hurry in the change all the scenario of the kitchen. We know that it not a matter of days. Your color will remain on the walls for some years.

Think that the new color would be reliable or not? If not no, then alter the procedure of the DIY project.

I hope you understand all the critical information about the finish of the kitchen room. Moreover, if you want to take my suggestion, I would like to ask you to adopt the kit of the Nuvo Cabinet Paint, which is the top product of Amazon.

Painting the walls of the kitchen and other essentials is not an easy task. Most people want less effort in this kind of work because of the minimum times in the home. If you wish to get more strategy, then follow all the points.

The Selection of Hardware Essentials

It is compulsory to know the best hardware options to make the kitchen very shining and charming. If you do not see the hardware, then pick the glass, brushed nickel, oiled bronze, chrome pewter, brushed stained copper, and gold hardware. These inputs will create a dramatic change in the kitchen within no time. Moreover, it is mandatory to update the kitchen in modern days.

Do not forget to add the handles, pulls, knobs with the matching colors. If you purchased all of these in different colors, then you are going to wrong selections. Take the size of the slot of the cabinet and open all of these. Go to amazon or any other places to purchase the hardware parts and replace them. If you do not have a screw in the making of cabinets, it is not easy to overcome. There are a small effort and significant change in a few times, but we are not sure if this cost.


We cannot ignore the importance of lighting under the space in cabinets. Under cabinets, lights in the form of pattern illumination showed some handsome environment. You must put the low energy consuming lights as it saved them money and decrease the heat while cooking the food. The observers said that always pick the white and bright light for the kitchen. Do not install colorful lights in the kitchen because you will invest in precious things, not temporary. 

Crown Molding Tool

A crown molding tool is an innovative tool in the updating of kitchen accessories. It is a magical thing to promote the look of the kitchen. Moreover, it attached the ceiling and cabinets in the kitchen. You will see a lot of variety in the crown molding in the market but do not take the risk in a hurry. The Crown Pro Molding Tool is one of the most fantastic opportunities to get reliable essential rather than waste money on familiar tools.

External Cabinet tools

You need to update the cabinet from both sides as inside and outside. We have discussed the method to give a new shape to the outside, but here are the instructions to decorate and put the things inside the kitchen cabinet. If you put all the right cooking tools in a fixed place, it will be easy for you to find the required essential during the cooking. Moreover, a well-organized and manipulated things put more impact than the rough shapes in the kitchen.

Extension of Cabinets

There is always space over the kitchen cabinets that can produce more beauty to the kitchen shape. If you want to put more things in the kitchen and do not have much space, then use this vertical area on the upper side of the cabinets and make it. It is easy to manufacture new shelves in the concave shape but below the crown molding space.

No matter if you want to paste some kitchen pictures and hold plates in that area. This extra space is used sometimes but maybe not in the ordinary days. Furthermore, it is up to the setter that which are the best tools to put there.

You will see that because of this, your kitchen will look like a big one. Do not hesitate to hang the candles, cake pans, meals, and other essentials.


Do you know what is refacing in the cabinets? If you do know have any detail about it, then you need to get information about it. Most of the time, when you replace the doors of cabinets of the older ones to convert into the newly. Do not forget to install the veneer. The laminate veneer must be of the same shape and design that matches the new doors. On the other hand, the surface color should be the same as in the other tools.

How to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

You will find that the old cabinet will convert into the new ones after doing the refacing. Whereas, it does not demand too much cost by the owner. A lot of people adopted this technique instead of changing the entire setup in the kitchen.

The re-facing demands some extra effort from you because of the cutting and lining procedure. If you are devoted to your passion, then it is not a big deal for you. At the same time, it produced some significant results for all the persons.

Replacement of Mid Panels

The replacement of the center panels in the cabinets door ought to bring more beauty. You have many options to do it like the addition of the tin, tile, fabric, board chalk, and cork. Moreover, the fixation of the sheet metal is also a good selection for it. To replace all the panels or a few from the while will dress up the kitchen’s look.

Shelves must open

There is a complete difference between the open and close shelving in the kitchen. The open shelves in the kitchen remembered the users to update these things, while on the other hand, in the close shelves, you forgot to clean the tools for many months. Numerous things can put into that open area. I want to suggest that you do not let the clutter build up. If you use the black, natural, and metal in the open shelves, it would be more wonderful than the classic ones.

The use of Corbels

The placement of the corbels provided an awful result in the preparation of the kitchen. In the market, the price of the corbels is different. If you want to purchase it from the woodshop, you have to face many costs because of the work of handicrafts over it. On the other hand, in the opposite of the wood, foam models of corbels are of less value, but it would not stain as in the wood. The material is of wood or foam, it relies on a budget of you, but this addition makes the kitchen very fresh.

The Cabinet Hinges

The cabinet hinges need to change or paint by an attractive color. If you like to replace it, you have to pay more price as all the people do not want to do it. So, in a small budget, paint these tools to keep fresh and up to date the kitchen. Moreover, some people like to put new ones and then go to the vendors for minimum prices, but you have to adjust the quality.

The addition of the trim outside

The last step to update the kitchen is the replacement or addition of trim on the exterior. If you want to invest more, then change the entire perimeter, whereas you can also maintain the previous ones. It is made from wood and block, but it is up to you to get an update. Moreover, make some lines and shapes over it for a different new look.

Wrap up how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them

 I am assured that all the above-manipulated steps will help you to make fresh the kitchen within no time. So, you have almost got the answer to how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them. But, if you still have any issue regarding it, then inquire any expert on kitchen making. The multiple usages of tools like the woods and others played a vital role in the complete process. Do not have to change the whole setup because it needed a lot of budgets. So, be in limit while you started to work on it. 

How to install PVC pipe under kitchen sink: Simple procedure

how to install PVC pipe under kitchen sink

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen sink and drain? Well, did you know that you can entirely do it yourself without hiring a plumber? The task may seem difficult. But trust me, after reading through this guide, you will be ready and confident to replace your kitchen sink and drain yourself. Replacing the kitchen sink is simple, just as replacing drain pipes. Here are simple steps on how to install PVC pipe under kitchen sink. Normally, for the kitchen drains, PVC pipes are the best.

When replacing metal pipe under kitchen sink, you also need to keenly follow the procedure. You need a flawless connection to avoid possible leakage.  

How to install PVC pipe under kitchen sink

Some step are describes under just followed step by step

Tools and materials, you will need for installation

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Adjustable pliers

Steps to install PVC pipe

Whether you are replacing metal pipes or old plastic pipes, you need to follow the following simple steps.

1.Take measurements

This is the initial and very important step. You need to plan well before purchasing and installing the PVC pipes. You need to take note of the sink drain hole size as well. A small mismatch can lead to leaking.

Also, ensure that you check the size of your sink under the counter. There are different sizes of sinks, for the longer sinks, a smaller space will be left. Therefore, ensure that you take measurements using a measuring tape of the height between the drain hole and the sink drain hole above.

2.Unscrew the old pipe

Whether your sink drain is made of old metal pipe or PVC pipes, all you need is to unscrew. However, before you start unscrewing, ensure that you have the right tools to use near you. For the metal piping, you will need adjustable pliers. However, tools are not very necessary for the plastic pipes, since you can easily use your hands.

Sink drains are curved pipes, which are also known as P- traps. Ensure that you have a bucket to collect any water left in the traps to avoid spillages and damages. Once you have your bucket in place, simply turn the connections in a counterclockwise direction, and it will automatically disconnect. When disconnecting the metal pipes, sometimes it can be very hard to simply use lubricants to ease the task.  

How to install PVC pipe under the kitchen sink

3.Replace the sink drain with new PVC pipes

Once the old drain is out, the next task is to simply replace it with a new one. Now, you must have purchased your new PVC kitchen sink drain pipe, and you have it ready for replacement. Make sure that the pipes are of the same diameter as the ones you removed. Normally, kitchen drain pipes are of two different diameters, there is one measuring 1 ¼ inch and another 1 ½ inches.  

Now proceed to install your new pipes. Simply screw in the new tailpiece to the sink drain opening. Ensure that the tailpiece extends to the level where the drain pipe is located. If it is longer, make use of your hacksaw and cut it to the right length.

Now slide in the nut right to the connection at the sink drain hole and tighten. Tightening is simple, simply use your hand. Ensure that it is tight enough.

Proceed to connect the trap arm to the drain pipe. Now, you have two pipes, one hanging straight from the sink and another across from the wall. You need to connect these two pipes. This is where you need to use the P-Trap. Slide in the slide nuts to both ends before connecting. Now install the P-Trap and slide respective nuts and tighten them well.

4.Test the compression fittings

Once you are done fitting the drain well, you need to first test. To test, turn on the faucets and let the water run until the sink is full. Now let the water drain through your installed drain pipe. Bend to check if there is any leak while the water is running. If you made right tightening at the connections, there should be no water leaking.

However, if there is any leaking, spot the exact place leaking. Now use channel-lock pliers to tighten the exact nut. Gently, tighten the nut till you see that there are no more leaks. Be careful not to overtighten since plastic nuts can end up breaking if they are overtightened.

5.Clean up

That is how under sink plumbing is indeed simple. While installing your PVC drain pipes, you may have left plastic remains, or any other dirt. Ensure that you dry the area and prevent your cabinets from damage and leave the area under the sink fresh and clean. Procced to arrange your under-sink cabinet, but be careful not to knock off the newly installed pipes.

Things to note

When purchasing the new PVC drain pipes, ensure that they are of the same size as the ones you removed.

Ensure that you test first after installing the pipes to ensure that there is no leak. If there is leaking, spot the exact place, and tighten the nuts to stop the leaking.

When installing, be careful not to overtighten the nut.

Use a hacksaw to cut the tailpiece into the right length.

If you are wondering how to install double kitchen sink plumbing, simply connect the pipes from both sinks drains to the P-trap. Use the right compression fittings and securing.   

There are numerous types of PVC pipes in the market, ensure that you purchase the best quality one for it to last long. Good quality pipes are also well configurated and easier to connect and hence the low probability of leaking.

The kitchen is the place that needs to be kept clean and neat. Therefore, once you are done with the plumbing work, ensure that you leave the area clean. Dirt under the sink can cause irritating foal smell.

What is the size of the kitchen drain pipe?

PVC drain pipe under the kitchen sink is responsible for emptying wastewater to the main sewage system. These pipes connect to the main drain pipes on the wall. They are of either 1 ¼ inches diameter or 1 ½ inches diameter.

How do I tell where the water leak is coming from in my kitchen?

To find out where there is a leak, do the following:

  • Turn off all the water taps and monitor your water meter. If it keeps changing while all your taps are off, then you will know that there is a leak.
  • Check your monthly usage; if there is an unexplained rise in your monthly usage, you should check if there is any leakage.
  • Monitor your bill to tell if there is an increase.
  • Use food coloring in areas that you suspect might be leaking, if after sometimes, the food coloring changes, then you know that there is a leak.
  • Constantly check behind your kitchen cabinets to find out whether there is a leak. You can place a towel below and wait for a day. If the towel gets soaked, then obviously there is a leak either from the sink drain pipe, the sink, or the faucet.

How do I remove the tailpiece from the sink?

The tailpiece is the straight pipe attached to the sink and is connected to the P-trap. If you need to replace this pipe, you need to remove it. Unscrew the nut that connects it to the P-trap and disconnect the two. Now, pull down the pipe to break it from the sink.

Where does the kitchen water drain to?

From your kitchen sink, the wastewater drains through the drainpipe below the sink. this drain pipe connects to the main drain sewer system. Wastewater from the sewer is then collected and treated in water treatment plants. Once the water is treated, it is either released to the lake or the rivers.

Is PVC pipe durable?

Yes. PVC pipes are the most preferred pipes to be used in most plumbing works. PVC pipes are not only durable but also less costly. PVC pipes can last for many years without getting brittle. But after so many years gets weaker and end up cracking when put under pressure. Since these pipes do not corrode, unlike metal pipes, they are the safest. Safety always comes first before durability.


It is so simple how to connect pipes under the sink. You do not need the help of a plumber. This is a task that you can simply do it yourself. Whether you are replacing metal or plastic drainpipes, the procedure is the same.

All you need to do is to remove the old connection and replace it with new PVC pipes. Unlike metal pipes, these PVC drain pipes are simple to connect, you can tighten the plastic nuts using your hands. Once you are done doing the connection, simply check to ensure that there is no leak. If you any plumbing work in your kitchen, simply follow the above simple steps.

How to distress kitchen cabinets:10 Stylishly distressed kitchen cabinets

How to distress kitchen cabinets

Are you in love with vintage styles? If you are, then you are going to love the distressed look in your kitchen. Distressed kitchen cabinets give an antiquely unique look. Whether you are looking for inspiration on cool kitchen designs, we have you covered. Now you may be wondering how you are going to make your kitchen stylish. Relax, here is a complete guide on how to distress kitchen cabinets to give a unique look in your kitchen. The process is simple, you only need to follow simple procedures, and you get your amazing look!

Materials needed to distress the cabinets

The materials needed are easily available. There is no much hustle when you want to distress your cabinets. Here are some simple materials:

  • Rubber gloves to protect your hands from scratches, paint, and dirt.
  • Antique glaze
  • Smooth cotton rugs to wipe off excess glaze and dirt.
  • Sanding blocks to give the cabinets a distressed look.
  • Small paintbrush
  • Spray polyurethane.
  • Tape to protect the walls around the cabinets.

The simple steps to follow

The distressed look is stylish and relaxed. It is very simple to achieve. If your kitchen cabinets are already old, the better. This procedure will guide you on painting kitchen cabinets to look antique, stylish, and unique. The steps are as follows:

1.Remove the cabinets hardware

This is the preparation step. You need to get your cabinets ready for the antique look. Remove the hardware parts of the cabinet, such as the handles and the hinges. You can also unscrew the drawers and ensure that your screws are well kept. If you do not want to get confused when returning the drawers, ensure that you number them.

2.Clean your cabinets

Using a damp cloth, clean your cabinets thoroughly. Ensure that you properly wipe the inside and the outside parts of the cabinets. Though not necessary, you can deep clean the cabinets using hot water and Trisodium Phosphate if you want. Now let the cabinets to dry off completely before getting to the next task.

3.Tape off the walls

You need to protect the walls around the cabinets. So, the tape is the best choice to keep the walls clean, and if you do not want to clean after. Cleaning after is tedious and extra work, sometimes the glaze may stick. Cleaning off the glaze from the walls can even end up damaging the wall paint.

4.Use a sanding block to sand the cabinets

This step is necessary for the cabinets that still look new. Sanding the cabinets will help to remove the shine and to enable the glaze to stick well. Also, do not forget to sand the edges and corners of the cabinets and the doors. The goal is to expose the wood completely.

5.Give distressed look

This is the fun part of giving your kitchen a distressed look. Remember, there is no fixed way of doing this. You are flexible to try new patterns in your cabinets. Depending on how distressed you want your kitchen to look, you are free to try anything. You may also skip this step if your cabinets are already old and distressed. If you want a less distressed look, gently expose the inner layers of the wood.

How to distress kitchen cabinets

If you are searching for ways on how to distress oak kitchen cabinets, then you are in the right place. Cabinets made of oak are strong and hard. If you want to more distressed cabinets, then use nails, chains, and even harmer to dent the wood. Since harmers can cause more than distressing damage, you can use a cloth to hit, and the results will be excellent.

What to look for in a distressed cabinet

  • Distressed wood has cracks. So, you can use nails to give slight scratches that will look like cracks. A chisel is also the best tool to use.
  • A plank of distressed wood has gouges. Slightly deep cracks will give the best antique.
  • Wormholes are created when a wood stays for long. You can use nails to manipulate slight wormholes to give a perfect antique look.

6.Clean off the mess

Once you are done with the actual distressing work, your kitchen area will surely be messy. Use a damp rug to clean off wood remains and specks of dust. Ensure that you also wipe off all the dirt in your cabinet’s areas.

7.Apply the antique glaze

This is the most important step of distressing your kitchen cabinets. Use the antique glaze to make the cabinets have a vintage look. All you need to do is to apply the glaze in a clean, smooth cloth. Then begin wiping the cabinets with it. Ensure that you apply the glaze in a circular motion for better results. Also, ensure that you apply little by a little layer of the glaze, and you will surely love the results. Once you are done applying in a circular motion, give a light touch by wiping up, downwards, and sideways. Also, ensure that you remove any excess glaze using your index finger wrapped in a cloth.

There are other various distressed cabinets painting techniques that you can freely choose from. Local stores have a variety of colors and stains that you can choose from. Grey color is the far much-loved color for the vintage look. However, there are other colors that you may want to try to suit your preference.

8.Let it rest

Once you are satisfied with the glazed look, let it rest and dry for a day. The results are now visible and amazing but not very appealing. So, you need to give the last finish touch.

9.Add a topcoat

This is the last step of making your kitchen antiquely stylish. This is the sealing stage, where you will use a light coat to seal off the glaze. The seal must be clear, not to interfere with the glaze finish the look. Also, ensure that you apply a light coat for an excellent result. Now your kitchen cabinets are looking amazingly antique and unique indeed.

10.Return the hardware

Once you have achieved your goal, you need to return the hinges, the doors, and other hardware that you may have removed. Ensure that you place them back carefully. Screw-in the screws carefully to ensure that you do not leave any part loose.

If you love your kitchen cabinet look, you can give a distressed look to your other furniture. How to distress furniture is simple as distressing the kitchen cabinets. Simply follow the above procedure, and you will never go wrong with the distressed style.

What type of sealant can I use for chalk paint?

You may be wondering how to distress kitchen cabinets with chalk paint. Yes, chalk paint is the best choice for a distressed look. To make even look better, you need to coat with polyurethane. This is a clear liquid oil topcoat that you can apply by spraying or brushing it over the chalk paint coat.   

How to I distress flat kitchen cabinets?

The best way to achieve a distressed look in a flat kitchen is to use sandpaper. Rub the sandpaper gently and lightly on the cabinets. You can also hit lightly with a hammer or chains at the edges to give a better-distressed look.

How do I distress wood cabinets?

The steps are as follows:

  1. Remove the hardware, like the doors, the hinges, and the drawers.
  2. Use a sanding block to sand the front sides of the cabinets.
  3. Clean away the wood dust and remains left after sanding.
  4. Apply a light layer of antique glaze to the distressed cabinets.
  5. Apply a clear topcoat layer to the glaze to leave a nice shine.
  6. Let the topcoat dry and then return the hardware after 24 hours.

Which sandpaper do I use to distress furniture?

A variety of 100-220 grit sandpaper is suitable for distressing furniture. The sanding sponge is also another best choice as it gives a better grip. Ensure that you sand the edges that are likely to have natural distress.

Points to note

  • Be careful when distressing not to scratch the walls around the cabinets.
  • Gently distress the cabinets so as not to get too damaged.
  • Use a thin layer of glaze to avoid covering the beautiful distress patterns.
  • Wipe off any excess glaze to achieve a uniform layer.


Distressing your kitchen cabinets is the best way of achieving an antique look. Vintage is still a style that is loved by many. It is also so simple to achieve a vintage look. By simply making your furniture look distressed, you achieve a unique look. You also need simple tools to complete the task. Sandpaper, an antique glaze, and a topcoat are all you need. These are easily available supplies as well. Make your kitchen stylish today by following the above procedures.

Why You Should Focus on Improving Art Deco Kitchen

Art Deco Kitchen

Do you like to make your kitchen an eye-catching or still want to remain the old ones? Everyone wants some change in the surrounding areas, but you cannot forget to make your kitchen attractive. Most of the people like the style of geometric shape, different colors. While on the other hand, the Art Deco Kitchen is preferred everywhere in the modern days.

It is essential to know the art deco’s history before starting the more description of the article. Please, do not skip any line because here is some good detail for the viewers.

Before the 30 years of the world wars, an art deco got so much importance in the world. It changed into the more decent styles, which will also be going to discuss in the following. I am sure that if you read the below description, you will know the latest art deco design of the kitchen. You have many options to make some amendments to the walls of the kitchen and floor also. No matter if you want to convert the walls with the fitting of the ceiling.

Essentials in the Kitchen

It does not matter what is the design of the kitchen that you want in the future. But, most of the things in the kitchen remained the same all the time, like the always accessories and ornaments. Some of the decorators were impressed by Hollywood’s glamour to create some new in the dec art handles of mirrors and some soft uplighting in the kitchen. The presence of nouveau art in the smart kitchen is an awful change.

On the other hand, some classic changers of the kitchen essential are against the addition of the pastel, flowy input, bolder material as we all as the block design. No doubt, you like selecting the statement clock among the angular trademark design, which is an everyday thing nowadays. It looked beautiful in the kitchen. One thing takes into account that if you choose the bigger size, it will be better.

Selection of Color

It would help if you did not compromise for opting for the colors in the kitchen. The use of the spectrum colors in the kitchen’s whole place will not be a bad option.

It is an affluent and eye-catching for the viewers. However, the other best colors are the mustard yellow, muted navy, teal, and lavender would be the best choice in the selection. The dark raspberry and small pocket of color among the tilling pattern have never been seen in the past.

In the kitchen of the island, the alternative color will appear as a block of the statement. Do not forget the Monochrome art deco type, because if you attach it to the black and dash of color whole pasting on the wall, it created the monochrome accessories into different colors. Moreover, the addition of the essential kitchen thing like the jugs and mugs showed an attractive form. These changes must be on the left of the top on the shelves. It decorated a small room for cooking very well.

Small Changes

After knowing the mega amendment in the art deco, we cannot forget the importance of minimalism. It may enhance the kitchen’s beauty like to check the minimal pieces or work on the walls of streamlined to give more beauty to the edges. You can post the picture of the chair and part of the island on the walls.

The minimalist change in the kitchen depends upon the storage capacity to pick the most useable appliances and clutter but not in the front of the eyes. Most of the experts said that it is an innovative storage space in the kitchen. Moreover, if you have more room in the kitchen, then the extra addition of the different art deco will impress the guest that will come to your house. A hob of black on the location of the white countertop will be fantastic to see. 

Boxy Shapes

If we ignore the box shapes (geometrical) from the art deco, we will fail to complete our goal. The imposition of the geometrical shapes in the style of the kitchen put more beauty there. Some of the angles in the cubism and the Picasso introduction increased the inspiration for all the viewers.

For the floors and walls, the use of the tiles created another handsome style in the kitchen. You can put the tiles on the up of the kitchen if you like it. There must be some changes in the pattern of the tiles for creating some eye-catching views. Moreover, it is straightforward to clean the tiles in the kitchen rather than any other material.

The different combinations of the tiles produced the nod of subtle to the shape of the art deco. Always use light and bold tiles together for more charm.

We know that an art deco is composed of regular, angle, and straight lines to create a realistic setting. Do not forget to make a good shape from all of these options.

In 1930, the use of the Plato tap art deco and geometry shapes were very parsing because of shining and chrome.

Wrap up

From all the above detail about the Art Deco Kitchen, I hope you got the real goal. In the past, people introduced new styles and erased previous ones from the last hundred years.

We gave all the right inputs to the viewers to set your kitchen’s design, but they can think to own themselves. If you make a plane before doing any change in the kitchen, it will be useful to work there. Please, always use light colors in the cooking room, not the dark ones.